Monday, July 22, 2013

Life as we know it.

Yesterday, our friend Dominic took this picture of us without our knowing and I really love it. There's our life in one quick snippet. A family of three, happy, smiling - and slim. It makes me feel very vain to admit it, but now that I have my body back to its pre-pregnancy shape, I am not exactly excited to get pregnant again. I guess that's the magic of the first pregnancy: you don't know what the road back looks like, so you just eat and eat and enjoy as many root beer floats as you'd like! Ha. Not that I would ever diet during pregnancy, and not that I think it would even help. They say that you're going to gain what your body says you're going to gain, and I believe it. For the most part, I had an extremely healthy and well-balanced pregnancy diet. But I did love those root beer floats when I had them. Oh man, did I ever! 
Rambles aside, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I really like life right now. Just the way it is. I'm filled with all of these questions of what's next and where we're going and I think the reason I don't have any answers is that I am just happy with the way things are. Coco and I just got back from a fantastic visit with my family. We are swimming everyday and having the best summer ever. Coco is adorable and gets cuter and talks more every day. Why would we want to change anything? 

We don't.

But that's the tricky thing with life. It's changing all the time and we have to keep up. So I ask myself: Should I get a job? Should I get pregnant again? Should we stay in Switzerland for another year? Two? Three? Five? When will I visit my family next? What do I really want? You know, big questions. But no answers! I can't seem to answer a single one. Oh well! ;)

PS - I know I said I'd be back to regular posting today, but Coco spilled a cup of coffee on our computer Friday and I think this is it. The Genius Bar will tell me tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure our computer is toast! :( I'll keep you posted, but until it's fixed or we get a new one, good thing my photos from the States are safe and sound on my camera card. Sometimes procrastinating is a very good thing! :) I hope to be back up and running again very soon. Until then, follow along on Instagram and I'll do mobile posts (like this one) where you can see my Instagram photos again. ;) Thanks for understanding! xo

Friday, July 19, 2013

Have a summery weekend!

Wow! We are back in Zurich since Sunday morning and the weekend is here. I have so much to tell you about. Our time in the States. Our amazing trip with my family to the North Cascades for 4th of July. Our stopover in Toronto to see my cousin on the way home. Our flights home. 

On the one hand everything flew by, and on the other hand, it seems like ages ago that we were on the observation deck getting ready for our long trip home. This time being in my beloved Northwest, it was harder to leave than usual. Summer in Spokane is hot and dry and perfect. And spending tons of time with my family was so wonderful. Coco loves her cousins and naturally everyone adored her, too. Life feels simultaneously settled and in flux. I'm happy to be back in Zurich and I love our life here, but I also look forward to life back home when the time comes. 

This weekend we are getting ready for our trip to Paris and prepping the apartment for our Airbnb guests. We've been corresponding with them and I feel very good about it. Hopefully this is the beginning of lots of little trips financed by renting our apartment out while we are in the center of Europe with easy access to just about everywhere! 

Here are a few things that have caught my eye recently. 

Amazing day-by-day video of a baby's first year. (With tear-jerking music;)

How do you say mayonnaise

If only Oregon had had this brilliant plan while J and I were there.

Advice from a long-time pediatrician. 

I can't wait to read Dan Brown's new book!

Stuff to do in Paris with kids.

I hope to be back up to speed with regular posting next week. Enjoy your weekend and see you back here Monday with photos from the US. :) xo

(Photo via Tumblr)
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