Welcome weekend!

We've still got a lot of work to do on our itty-bitty office, but I cannot tell you how happy I am to have a computer again. And a real computer at that. Having a laptop as the main machine just does not work for me; our new iMac is completely rad! :) I'm also really, really happy to be blogging again. I've got so many great posts lined up for next week. What are your plans for the weekend? It's supposed to rain in Zurich. Boo. So everyone's going around today saying it's the last day of summer. They better be wrong! I'm just not ready. Keep your fingers crossed for us that this rainy spell is just a spell. Thank you!

Here's a little bit of this and that that caught my eye this week.

Free printable note-cards for the dog lover. Adorable.

Kiss your dry-cleaning bill goodbye.

Really fantastic slideshow to accompany Cheryl Strayed's memoir Wild.

I'm so excited for this online Photoshop class I'm taking in September!

Not-so-surprising findings about Facebook. :(

Sweetest children's alphabet book!

The Age of Denial.

Get rid of that musty towel smell for good!

A much-needed rant.

We just got this darling stroller blanket for our friends' beautiful new baby girl Zoé.

Have a lovely weekend and see you back here Monday! xo