Have a lovely weekend.

As I was going through my links to share with you this week, I noticed a pattern. Lots of articles and posts pertaining to (and perhaps defending) one aspect of motherhood or another. It got me thinking about postpartum depression, which I've been thinking about all week after hearing that a woman in our online mommy group here in Switzerland lost a friend to postpartum depression related suicide this past weekend. Her baby was just 5 weeks old. Can you imagine the horror for her husband? It's so tragic and even more so because it's preventable. All of us should know the warning signs. It's harder to see in one's self, so if you have people around you in that delicate postpartum time, pay attention. Seeing so many articles and posts about motherhood in my links list you can see why new moms have such a hard time. It's almost impossible to find a way through all of the criticism, even when it's well-meaning. So I'm not going to share any of those links, because I have come to believe that it's damaging to keep that line of dialogue going. I'm not saying that woman committed suicide because she read too many articles saying it had to be this way or that, but what's the sense in having a bunch of articles that make moms worry and doubt themselves? None.

So instead, here are just a few other things. 

Coco would flip over this Eiffel Tower Halloween costume. Should I do it?! I'm afraid she is too young and won't be able to walk around or function at all. ;)

But this garden gnome is ridiculously cute!

My grandma Marie's favorite cocktail

A super unique way to order photos. I'd love to get these for my siblings and mom of our summer vacation in the North Cascades this past 4th of July.

The prettiest cake of all time.

Insider tips on IKEA cabinets.

I broke up with Swisscom and got an upgrade!

A family dinner that will satisfy the adults and picky eaters alike. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. My friend going through IVF got a positive pregnancy test this morning!!! Thanks for all the wishes and prayers. Now let's hope for an easy and healthy pregnancy all the way through. I am so excited for them I can hardly stand it. :) See you back here Monday. xo

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  1. Thank you dear for all your support and care. You are a great friend :-) xoxo

  2. So thoughtful, Lindsay. Maybe instead of always trying to defend the way that we do things and criticize the way others do, we need to do more to have confidence in our choices and seek to understand others, while believing that the more differences we have, the stronger we will be as a world.
    Lots of love.

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