Around here lately...

Poor Coco bun had the stomach bug going around this week. Luckily it wasn't the worst kind. She was pretty upbeat and cheerful between bouts of sickness and it only lasted two days. Now that we're on the tail end, she's still a little tired and grumpy, but all in all, she's getting back to her usual exuberant self quickly. Phew! It's never fun to see your baby fighting a fever and miserable. :(

So that's the bad news. And the good news is that I went in to see the ENT again and he says I don't need ear surgery after all! It was a small perforation in my ear drum and an infection and it cleared up on its own with ear drops. What a complete and total relief. I thought that a problem I had had surgery three times for during high school had come back, but it was a false alarm. Hurrah! 

The doctor also said we can go ahead with our baby plans anytime. That is exciting and crazy and wonderful and scary all at the same time. Let's just say that toddlers, while they're so amazing and charming with learning to talk and formulating their own ideas, are also really intense and exhausting and excellent birth control. Ha! It's not that I'm not enjoying this time. I am. Immensely. But it requires a serious amount of energy and patience. For that reason, first trimester morning sickness and fatigue would render me useless at this point. From my experience as a Montessori teacher, I know that the closer we inch toward 30 months, the easier everything is going to get and then I'll feel like I can do both without short-changing my darling, beloved Coco. Because she is just divine and I can't believe how much more I love her every single day. She sings now. It is beyond adorable. Her favorites are Happy Birthday, Rock-a-bye-Baby and Pop Goes the Weasel. What a doll!

We're off to enjoy the sunny day. More tomorrow! xo