10 Reasons to get Holiday Cards from Minted

We just placed our order for our 2013 holiday cards through Minted. We've ordered with them for the past four years and it's so amazing to look at the evolution of our holiday cards. There we are as a young couple off an adventure moving to Switzerland in 2010. Then our lives changed forever and for the better when Coco arrived in 2011. And then we found ourselves immersed in family life in 2012. I know a lot of people think holiday cards are cheesy, or just a vehicle for bragging. But I really love having a beautiful memento that sums up our year to keep and cherish. 

Here are my top ten reasons you should send a holiday card from Minted this year:

10. Everyone loves receiving a piece of mail that isn't a bill!
9.  When you order through Minted, you support indie designers and a cool company. 
8. If you're on a budget, you can select a postcard design and save a few trees while you save on postage. (That's what we did in 2012 and this year;)
7. Minted uses thick, luxe paper as standard.
6. If you opt for envelopes, they will address them for you!
5. It's easy to design your card with their super slick personalizer. And the backer options mean you don't have to write on each one, just sign it! ;)
4. If you're disorganized, you can send a New Year's card and not worry about getting them in the mail on time. (We're sending a New Year's postcard this year!)
3. When you go to your friend's houses, you get to see yourself looking good on their fridge.
2. They offer really fast, really affordable international shipping.
1. Your baby or toddler will confiscate one and carry it around smiling for months! :)

So don't delay! Minted is offering up to 15% off your order through Monday. Do you normally send holiday cards? Will you this year? 


  1. those are so cute! i love the 2011 one, the photo is beautiful (the "Ikea furniture built" is hilarious!). It took me a second to realize the card was yours...with your daughters full name...i am so use to coco :) (she has the same birthday as my mom!).
    the idea of new year cards is great, and i think it will be something for us for next year :)
    thanks for sharing!

    1. Yep...Coco isn't her "real" name, but it's her real name! ;) Glad you like the cards. xo

  2. Thanks for sharing the tip on Minted, Lindsey! I'd never used them before but I'm happy to say that I just posted my order and I can't wait for the cards to arrive. So many great designs, reasonably priced and with helpful perks on international shipping, pre-addressed cards, etc. Happy holidays, indeed!

    1. Excellent! Always happy to share a tip with a fellow expat. I hope you're happy with your cards! xo

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