Recycling with Coco

Despite the terrible twos we've been experiencing lately, the past few days with Coco have been completely sweet and lovely. She has started saying "Danke viel mal" (thank you very much in German) when we're out and about and it is so adorable. Yesterday, a woman let Coco pet her dog for a little while, much to Coco's utter and total delight. As we parted ways, Coco chirped happily to the woman, "Danke viel mal!" and I couldn't help but swoon. What a little dream boat she is! 

Then we continued on our way and took the recycling together. She absolutely loved it! After years of hating the tedious and complicated system of recycling here in Zurich (more on that another time!) it has finally become something fun. That's one of the unexpected benefits of having a toddler around - mundane everyday activities are endlessly exciting for them. ;)

There's our gigantic bottle and can recycling bag. Once it fills up, we have to schlep it several blocks away to these glass and can receptacles. It's a stinky job, but that didn't deter Coco. Here she is putting some old Corona bottles in the proper container. 
This being Switzerland, the recycling schedule is clearly marked. 7am to 8pm Monday through Saturday. No recycling on Sundays or holidays!
Pure excitement! Who knew old beer bottles could be so fascinating? It just never got old.
It will only become more fun as she gets older and understands the different containers for different colors. After we had finished, she looked at me and said, "Wow! Thank you, mama!" and naturally my heart absolutely swelled with love. Oh thank you, my sweet Coco, for being you!


  1. Oh my gosh! You need to do a blog post on Recycling 101 in Switzerland. We moved in February and I still need to get used to recycling! What exactly goes into the Bebbi Sagg? Where do I throw away broken toys, etc? Recycling is a complicated matter here!


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