Zizzz all natural Swiss Wool sleep sacks and blankets

November 5, 2013

While I was pregnant with Coco, I developed the strongest aversion to the texture and feel of polyester, acrylic and most synthetic fibers. It was so powerful, I felt like nature was telling me that my baby didn't like those things and to stay away from them. So instead, we ended up using lots of wool and down and steering clear of the yucky stuff. 
So when the Swiss company Zizzz contacted me about trying one of their sleep sacks made with all organic fibers and insulated with patented natural Swiss wool, I was delighted! Sleep sacks are the norm in Switzerland, and they're catching on everywhere else, but I hadn't been able to find one for Coco that wasn't made with synthetic fillers.  We used a down comforter instead, but she kicked it off every night and I worried she wasn't warm enough. 
Coco calls her sleep sack her "special blanket" because I told her it's a blanket you can wear. ;) It really is fantastic. I don't have to worry about her feet getting cold because she can't kick it off. And I don't have to worry about her sweating all night long under a layer of nasty polyester. 

I adore wool because it's natural, breathes completely and regulates body temperature in summer and winter. For that reason, Zizzz sleep sacks can be used all year round! They even have an amazing feature that allows them to be worn while buckled into a carseat or buggy. They're beautifully made with lovely details and clean design. 

I've got my eye on the wool baby blanket for our next baby, whenever he or she comes along. And, of course, we'll need a newborn sleep sack. Are natural fibers important to you? Which Zizzz sleep sack would you choose? 

(Zizzz is a Swiss Lark sponsor and this is a sponsored post)

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  1. These look beautiful and cozy! I used to nanny in Switzerland, and that was the first I had heard of or seen a "schlafsack"!! I thought they were so cool! I registered for some from American company SwaddleDesigns. They make one out of organic cotton flannel. So cozy. My baby is barely starting to use it because it hasn't been cold enough! From 0-7 months we swaddled him. Then during summer he only slept in a onesie! I know Zizzz is Swiss company, but are their sacks Swiss-made?? Thanks!

    1. The tag on ours says Made in Portugal. So European, but not Swiss-made. ;) xo

  2. Love them and want them but they are SO expensive!

    1. It's true they're expensive, but once you've lived here a while, they don't seem unreasonable at all! ;) Welcome to Switzerland!

  3. Bookmarked their site for next Summer...when we, hopefully, will be living in Switzerland and trying for our next baby :)
    Love that all natural products are used...they look super cozy :)

    Ps: Sending sticky baby dust your way! ;)

    1. How exciting, your move is getting close. :) Thanks for the baby dust! xo

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  5. Are natural fibers important to you? Which Zizzz sleep sack would you choose?
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