Zurich with Kids: Chinagarten

During his fall holidays in October, J took advantage and went on lots of outings with Coco. He loves that now that she's older, he can take her on his own and they can spend a day together.  So they  made the most of of a rainy day by visiting the Chinagarten together. It's just a quick walk from our house!
Coco loved exploring all of the passages and walkways.
Then she was amazed by the colorful carp in the pond. The fish were so friendly, as soon as Coco and J stood at the water's edge, they all swam over to say hello. Coco wanted to pick them up!
To cap off the experience, they saw a blue heron and got to watch it move around gracefully as it eyed the fish. 

J said he was really surprised at how much she loved it. Now, whenever we walk past the entrance, she wants to go in and see it again. I've even had to run in after her and stop her from going in on her own! What are your favorite outings where you live? Or, what sort of unexpected toddler-friendly discoveries have you made in your city?