Our Experience with Vidis Kochtüte

Last week we tried Vidis Kochtüte for the first time. The recipes are super quick and easy and after our first dinner, I immediately ordered a five-recipe bag for this week. From now on, I think Monday afternoon is going to be my favorite time of the week because our Kochtüte will arrive. :)
It's lots of fun to unpack the bag and see all the ingredients. All items that need to be refrigerated are packaged separately in a reusable compost bag. I put everything away and then flip through the recipes for the week to figure out what to make first based on the dates on the meat and fish, or the delicate nature of the produce. Last night we had a salad because I wanted the greens to be super fresh. Tonight we are having the wok veggies for the same reason. The fish is good through Friday and the pasta is shelf stable well beyond that time so they can wait.
Preparation goes extra fast because mostly everything is pre-measured and ready to use. We save the little plastic fish from the soy sauce for Coco to play with in the bath. They're lots of fun! 
Once I've decided what to make, I simply gather the ingredients together with the recipe booklet and in less than 30 minutes, dinner is served! These salads with orange vinaigrette and smoked ham were so good that we completely forgot to take a photo. ;)
But look at this incredible veal and mashed potatoes from last week. The topping was a delicious garnish made with dried apricots, almonds, parsley and garlic. Amazing! 
Coco couldn't wait to dig in, but she controlled herself long enough for me to take a photo. Much to our surprise, the portions are generous enough that all three of us felt satisfied and full, without feeling stuffed, after each meal.
We loved seeing Coco try new flavor combinations. And she loved having adult food with us. On a practical note, we find clean up is quicker and easier than usual. The recipes are so well organized that it's just 15 minutes back to a sparkling kitchen after dinner. I'm hooked; I don't want to ever want to go back to planning and shopping for our meals!

We are now happily paying Vidis Kochtüte customers since giving it a try! If you like to cook, but hate grocery shopping and planning, I highly recommend Vidis Kochtüte. All of the ingredients come from high quality Swiss suppliers and are bio (organic) wherever possible. It's the best thing I could have asked for while pregnant with a toddler. Honestly. :)

Special offer for Swiss Lark readers: Enter the coupon code SWISSLARK (all caps) at checkout and receive a 20 CHF reduction on your first order. Offer good through June 30, 2014. 


  1. As it were, this gave me the opportunity to pick and pick what I needed to cook and indeed, I selected not to cook one of the suppers, for the most part since I have made it before and approved of not eating it once more. Some have said that they would incline toward the Vidis Kochtüte benefit work along these lines. They pay a little charge to get the formulas and do the shopping themselves. I'm here to state, don't foul up something to be thankful for.

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