Have a restful weekend!

This week was not our finest. I broke my nose in a collision with Coco on a water slide! I will tell you all about that next week, but suffice it to say that I'm not going back to Splash Down for a very long time. I'll be icing and wearing movie star sunglasses until further notice. 

On a happier note, I've been compiling ideas for Coco's 4th Birthday party at the end of September. We cannot get over this to-die-for shimmery unicorn piñata from Oh Happy Day! I know how I'll be spending my weekends in September. ;)

And here are a few links for your weekend.

These would come in handy right now.

The unicorn piñata DIY!

Don't forget the humanities.

Oregon is definitely the yummiest.


This is why I went home so quickly after Theo was born.

How cute is this toaster?!

I am registered for Alt Winter. Pinch me!

Haha! Made me Swisssick.

It's smoky. Very smoky.

The perfect way to enjoy a peach.

I hope you have a good weekend! See you back here Monday. xo


  1. Haha that Zurich link is fab :) Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, and on another note, I stayed eight nights in Paracelsus, Richterswil, with Harvey, seven with Ruben, and nobody bothered us at night unless I buzzed. Sometimes I wished they would so I didn't feel so lonely... But we definitely got the good end of the spectrum there!


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