Our Oregon Vacation Photos

Last week, we had the most magical vacation, thanks to Coco and Theo's grandparents in Oregon. They hosted us at their big farm house on 1 1/2 acres, smack in the middle of the gorgeous Willamette Valley. There was plenty of room for Coco and Theo to run and play and even a big red barn; they were in heaven! Quite by accident, we stumbled upon the formula for the perfect week of summer traditions in Oregon: One day in the mountains, one day at the coast, one day at Enchanted Forest, one day in wine country, one day in Portland and s'mores all together on the last night. I'm already excited for next year!

All of the details and more photos after the jump if you'd like to see. 

On the first day we did a hike in the Cascades in Central Oregon. We went on the Tumble Lake Trail and had the best view for our picnic. It was a seriously steep climb (1100 feet in just a little over a mile!) and I felt like Gumby afterward. So worth it, though!
The second day Theo stayed with his grandparents while J and I took Coco to ENCHANTED FOREST! Skip Disneyland and take your preschooler to Enchanted Forest. Coco was enthralled each time she turned a corner and discovered something familiar, like the Seven Dwarves' cottage or the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland. We stayed right until closing and I can't remember ever having so much fun. Tip top!
Day three, we left Coco and Theo with J's parents and took a tour through Oregon wine country. We tasted flights at two gorgeous wineries and got two bottles of wine for special occasions: a Pinot Noir Rosé (so good!) for when J lands a job. And a Pinot Noir for my birthday. Oregon Pinot is life-changing. It was such a wonderful day of relaxing and talking and enjoying together!
Day four we drove out to the coast. Coco and Theo loved the sand and it was a treat to have some cool, foggy weather for a change. Of all the places on earth that I love, the Oregon Coast is right up there. It's so soothing, beautiful and humbling. But, I'll admit that I did think about this quite a bit while we were there! 
One evening, we had a little birthday celebration for Theo. The ice cream cake had mint chip ice cream inside. So delicious! Theo found it all a bit overwhelming. 
On the last evening, we had s'mores all together. I'm already looking forward to next year! 

What sort of vacations do you take? Do you tend to go visit family or head off somewhere during the summer?