Have a delicious weekend!

What are your weekend plans? I've been running all over town like a madwoman this morning prepping: It's our birthday weekend around here. Coco's birthday is Tuesday and mine is Sunday. We are having a Frozen themed party (her choice!) on our patio for Coco on Saturday afternoon and a BBQ party for the both of us with my family at my mom's house on Sunday. It's a true Indian summer here and we are enjoying our time outside. Sunday, we may even bust out the chiminea if it goes late enough that it starts cooling off!

Here are a few links for you:

Amazing satellite images of humans' impact on the earth.

Pasta shapes do matter!

Brain-twisting images.

Coco's Halloween costume. (And Theo's!)

Renting in another ten years.

Another reason you wish you were Norwegian.

Do you eat your veggies?

Outside the frame.

Empowering mothers.

Perfect fall booties.

I hope your weekend is amazing. See you back here Monday! xo

Photo via veryeatalian