Mom's One Line A Day Memory Journal

During our trip to Missoula last weekend, my sister and I had the best time. Ira Glass was very engaging, and I slept two full nights for the first time in nearly four years! Saturday, we skipped the hike and walked all over town and browsed so many cute shops. Because J's and my adventures in unemployment continue, I've been avoiding shopping all together lately. But then something surprising happened: I didn't really want to buy much of anything anyway! Ever since I adopted the Konmari Method and went (and continue to go) through so much work to get rid of the tons of stuff I don't need, I am very careful about what I bring into my life in the first place! I don't buy anything unless it sparks total joy and is exactly what I want. It is awesome.

One thing that made the cut is this Mom's One Line A Day memory journal. 

Although I know that I'm going to want to have them written down later, I do a horrible job keeping track of all the wonderful day-to-day moments that make being a mom worth it. As they say, the days are long, but the years are short and this time is flying by. Even still, both Coco's and Theo's baby books are still basically blank. Fail. 

The big appeal with Mom's One Line A Day is that it's totally manageable and not the least bit overwhelming! You don't need to do a full journal entry, just write one line a day. Each day has space for five years, so you can look back, compare and, most of all, remember. I think it's brilliant! 

There is also the original One Line A Day meant for everyone, but I couldn't pass up the pink and gold of the mom version. Do you keep a journal? Have you tried One Line A Day? I highly recommend it.