Five Tips for Cute Bento-Inspired Lunches

As crazy as it may sound, I actually really enjoy making Coco's lunch. Sometimes it's a bit rushed and that takes the fun out of it, but most days, I love putting together her cute, healthy ensembles. I'm all about using Bento boxes, accessories and picks to make lunches cute and appealing. It's working! Most days, she finishes every last bite. 

My top five tips for packing cute bento-inspired lunches after the jump. 
Keep it Small
We have a Lunchbot Uno for Coco that is the perfect size. Children are small and don't need huge portions. She is more likely to eat everything if there isn't too much food. Because blue is her favorite color, we have a blue Lunchbot. There is a larger one with dividers, but I like the little guy!

Go Silicone
The silicone cupcake liners are perfect for separating food. They're more colorful and cute than just using the standard dividers that many bento boxes come with. Silicone cups are safe and wash up easily to use again and again.

Whenever I can, I use the cute little Bento picks to make eating cute and fun. There are so many to choose from! Coco loves the little bunny set we have as well as the little leaves that make cherry tomatoes look like actual cherries!

Keep it Cold
Coco takes a little insulated lunch bag to school each day. It's lightweight and easy for her to carry. I slip an adorable lunch chiller into the mesh pocket to keep it cool. The insulation and chill pack combined keep her food fresh until lunchtime.

Just Have Fun
I highly recommend the cookbook Yum Yum Bento Box for inspiration. And while we don't use it for everyday, it is really fun to bust out this geisha bento box on occasion. It's too cute for words! 

How do you pack your child's lunch? Elaborate or plain old brown bag? Any successful lunch tips to share?


  1. I've been making bento for my 3 kids for school. Very fun although I wish there were bento shops here in Basel! You should check out the book, "Yummy Kawaii Bento" by Li Ming Lee. I ordered it online and have been getting lots of bento inspirations from the book! She also has a blog which you can check out. Enjoy!

    1. I'm going to look for that book. Bento is highly addictive!!!! :)


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