Zurich in Photos

Our trip to Zurich was absolutely magical. It was just like riding a bike. Much to my surprise, it's all still there, just waiting for us. Nothing has changed, nothing is gone or lost. It's all there, and we could be too.

The first thing I did was go to see our old street and apartment to say goodbye. It was hard, but good. Then, I felt free to just enjoy the city and time with our friends after that.

Theo loved riding the trams, of course. We went all over the city and its surrounds on the tram, bus and train. I even stopped in at the Ticketeria to buy magnets with the numbers of our trams for our fridge here at home. Our fridge now looks like a bit like a shrine to Switzerland. Oh well!

One morning, I went to see Joel's former colleagues and principal. It was so nice to stroll through that neighborhood. Every street had memories of a walk we went on while pregnant with Coco or Theo or outings we took as a family.

I had the best egg salad sandwich in the world from Honold bakery and enjoyed it with a view of the Limmat.

I loved seeing Theo play in the Chinagarten playground that was always Coco's favorite. He dug around in the sand and practiced walking all over. The fall colors were absolutely gorgeous.

The weather was amazing. We really lucked out. It was fun to see the square in front of the Opernhaus all finished and in use. It's a beautiful space. If feels like an outdoor living room.

No time in Zurich would be complete without Cüpli. I met two girlfriends for champagne in Seefeld one night and it was absolutely brilliant. So brilliant, in fact, that I accidentally dropped and smashed my phone and got lost on the way home and cancelled all of my plans and stayed in pajamas the entire next day! ;)

During the Zurich Writers Workshop, Theo had an amazing time staying with friends of mine and their children. He was an absolute angel apparently. The workshop itself was fantastic. I met lots of writers and copywriters and got great feedback on my work. Now I just need to find the time to devote to writing! J and I are working on it.

That Sunday was an absolutely stunning evening. Buskers were out by the lakeside and Theo explored to his heart's content on the Chinawiese lawn. He and I walked for forty minutes along the lake as the sunset. It felt just like home and I found myself really missing J and Coco and wishing they were there with us.

On our last day, we had a huge lunch with my Mama Group at the Fork & Bottle restaurant. It was sunny, warm and golden. We chatted into the afternoon and had the greatest time catching up.

It was hard to believe it was time to go when it all came to an end. I'm so glad I went. Arriving home to J and Coco was so nice. I can't believe how much we missed them. As we go along, I think I'm getting more clarity on the Zurich question, too. But, it's a process. Best not to say anything just yet. ;) Thank you for reading! xo


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