Coco & Theo's Christmas List

The cutest ever pom pom ballet flats in her favorite color to wear with all of her dresses.
The remaining furniture sets for her darling Cottage Dollhouse, and...
a sweet little Calico Critters rabbit family to live in the dollhouse. They have a mama and dada and big girl and baby brother like us!
The classic farm with noises and animals to make him laugh and dance.
A keepsake handprint set to remember, years from now, how tiny his hands once were.
A (chewable) nativity scene for the two of them to play with under the tree year after year.
A big set of wooden blocks to play with together. These encourage the most creative play of any toy I've seen!
A Sonicare for Kids toothbrush as recommended by the dentist. Why not? Cavities are expensive!
Gyo Fujikawa books. These books have the sweetest illustrations that Theo loves to point at and coo, plus they're extra relaxing for bedtime.

And, a little trip down memory lane with Coco's 2013 list, and Christmas in Kieselgasse.


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