Getting ready for Alt Summit (and Happy weekend!)

O. M. G. I am so over-the-moon excited to be going to Alt Summit 2016 just 12 days from today! My roommate and I have been firing texts and emails back and forth about everything from business cards to clothes over the past few days and it's really starting to feel real. This is a long-time dream come true. I have been wanting to attend Alt Summit for four years now. That is definitely one of the silver lining aspects to unexpectedly winding up in Spokane at this point. And 2016 is the final year the conference will be held in Salt Lake City, so it's like it was meant to be. All that said, I'm also slightly intimidated, so I'm keeping the above mantra, from Emily McDowell, in mind. I say slightly because it's true. I am slightly intimidated, but over all, I think I am going to be exactly where I belong at that conference. I can't wait! Honestly though, what am I going to wear?! ;)

J is teaching ski lessons and Coco is going to Mini Mights camp this weekend up at Mount Spokane. Theo and I are going shopping for Alt Summit clothes. And Saturday night after our kids are in bed, my cousin and her boyfriend are coming over with wine and Cards Against Humanity. Should be fun!

If you're going to Alt Summit, the first half of this link list is for you. If not, skip ahead! 

The best business cards on the web. (I can't wait to share mine with you when they arrive next week.)

I got these cute notebooks to take along.

I plan to wear these flats in red with stripes.

That one time Adele played to a crowd of 150 at our neighborhood pub in Portland.  (!!!)

Turmeric tonic? Yes, please!

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you on Monday. xo

(Emily McDowell artwork via Pinterest)


  1. Hi Lindsey, I'm also getting ready for ALT so thank you for these links. You seem much more prepared than I am! Hope to see you there :-) Tina

    1. I'm so looking forward to meeting you, Tina! See you soon.xoxo

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