Easy & Affordable Decor Idea: Calendar Wall

Our office needed a little something, so when 2016 calendars were on clearance, I decided to do an easy and affordable calendar wall. I am so pleased with the results. We have three Rifle Paper Co calendars. Each month, the color scheme changes, but they all match, so I have to wonder if the people over at Rifle had the same idea? ;) 
I've seen previous year's calendars used as wall art in most of the Airbnb's we've stayed in from Paris to Missoula and it works every time. Calendar art can be so beautiful, it seems wasteful to only have it up for one month.
I'm really happy with our sweet office space. It's inviting and serene and calm. But I love a change and having variety, which makes the calendar wall perfect as every month we get a change of art. I don't ever look ahead, so it's a surprise on the first of a new month. Do you peek ahead at calendar art, or keep it a surprise?