Have an Irish weekend!

What does your weekend look like? Ours is going to be all about St. Patrick's Day. Every year, the city of Spokane goes all out celebrating St. Patty's Day the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day. There is a parade and bagpipers take over restaurants (honestly, you can't hear anything over those things!) and the entire city is out drinking green beer and wearing green. It is my favorite holiday of the year, as evidenced by that smile in which you can see all of the teeth in my mouth, because my family goes NUTS. We all start with a big brunch (including mimosas and Bailey's in our coffee:) at my uncle's house. Then everyone takes cabs or walks downtown for the parade. Then we all have corned beef and cabbage for lunch and then go listen to traditional Irish music and do a pub crawl after that. In my 20's, it was obviously just rad. The last time I was in town for St. Patty's was in 2012, pictured above with sweet baby Coco. That day, I went home with her after lunch. But this year we have my niece and my cousin's daughter lined up for babysitting starting after lunch. Now that I'm in my 30's, I'll be curious to see how long I can hang in there. One thing is certain, it's all going to be easier than ever with Lyft. :)

And...here's a bit of what caught my eye this week:


Have a problem? Ask the five whys and get to the bottom of it.

This crazy test can guess your age, marital status and income based on the apps you have on your phone! Did it work for you? 

This is absolutely genius! (No more flipping cups in the dishwasher:)

This poor teacher. Not gonna lie...I kind of get it. 

Pining after this breezy dress for summer!

When something falls out of the cupboard and makes you scream. 

Be sure to follow along on our St. Patrick's Day fun this weekend on Instagram! Have a good one and see you back here Monday! xo