Would you try a morning date?

March 29, 2016

Yesterday, Theo and I met my uncle Cyrus for coffee at The Shop, a super cute and funky coffee shop over on South Perry. It's just around the corner from Coco's school, so after dropping her off, it's the perfect place to go for breakfast bagels and coffee. My bagel was delicious and Theo ate most of my uncle's quiche! There were loads of people working on their laptops, good music on and some fun toys for Theo. I love the vibe there, and in the summer, they have big garage doors that they open all the way onto a sunny patio with sun streaming into the whole place.

While I was in line, I couldn't help but notice a little sign that read "Mimosas, $3 ($2 weekends)!" Amazing, right? Then it occurred to me that Saturday morning could be a great time for a date for me and J. Any teacher will tell you that Friday night is always out because they're exhausted from the week. Then, Saturday nights are typically packed for everyone, so it can be hard to find a sitter. But Saturday morning would be a breeze! We could drop the kids off at my mom's where they could play outside while she gardened. Or, maybe my uncle would like to take them to the library for storytime. 

Then J and I could head to The Shop, have mimosas and breakfast and then drink coffee in the sun and chat to our hearts' content. After that, we could head home, have a nap, and pick up the kids for lunch. No one has to worry about bedtime or getting home too late (and still getting woken up early the next day). So perfect! When do you find time for dates? Any unusual times? Have you tried a morning date?

(Photo of Coco having a babyccino Sirmione, Italy, Easter 2014)

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  1. Yes to date day! We have resorted to early dinner dates (talking 4:30 pm!) so we can be home to put the children to bed. I feel bad having my mom put them to bed. A morning date would solve that problem!!

    1. 4:30 in San Diego must be nice...beach?! We had a date day to wine country and Portland in the summer. It was awesome. I'm thinking daytime dates might be the next big thing. ;) xo

    2. No beach, but that is a great idea for a daytime date! On our last date (to celebrate wedding anniv), we just went to a little French bistro where we had our first date. It was nice because the menu features small plates, so we shared a few, and then we went and got dessert at another place!

  2. We do a morning date every weekend. It works best for me and my love of brunching. And I'm a mess in the afternoon and evening.

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  4. Stefanie FarquharsonMarch 30, 2016 at 8:39 AM

    lovely idea!

  5. I am definitely a morning/brunch person, but my husband is not! bummer! Also, while you are out for brunch your kids are awake! therefor you are really taking a brake from the children, instead of having somebody watch them while they sleep...


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