Introducing Minted Name Labels

April 20, 2016

I have been searching the past few months in vain for attractive machine-washable children's clothing labels. Honestly, I came up with nothing. So when Minted contacted me a couple of weeks ago and asked me to test out their new name labels, I was delighted and responded with an enthusiastic YES! Minted's name labels are dishwasher-safe, waterproof, laundry-safe and non-toxic. Best of all, thanks to their community of independent artists, their designs are gorgeous and second to none.
For Coco, I ordered smaller name only labels and matching larger labels with space for a phone number or email address. That's a must for more expensive items, like her new Patagonia fleece that is meant to last at least two years! ;)
Coco, like all four-year-old girls, loves princesses. If you can believe it, she is going to Princess Camp at her ballet studio this summer, so I went ahead and ordered her a set of princess labels as well. They also feature enough space for a phone number or email address (I blurred it for the sake of privacy) and I love the customization options, including an array of hair colors and skin tones.
For Theo we got the cutest little train labels. With summer coming up and swimming lessons and possibly some more days at daycare, I really want all of his clothing to be labeled. I also got him the larger version in the tugboat design with space for a phone number to go on his fleece and snowsuit, scooter and balance bike.

There are so many cute designs, it was hard to choose! I love these unicorns and donuts for girls, and how sweet are these airplanes and pirates for boys? Minted ships worldwide and is currently offering 15% off site wide with the code SPRING16. Happy shopping!

(This post was sponsored by Minted. I received product in exchange for this post. All photos and opinions expressed are my own. No further compensation was received. Thank you for supporting the brands I choose to work with and making Swiss Lark possible!)

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  1. Go figure...I just ordered (and received) some from Mabel's Labels, and these are so much cuter!

    1. Oh that's such a drag! But, your kids will grow out of everything and you'll need more before you know it!! ;) xoxo

  2. Hi Lindsey, I ordered some of these labeled and noticed that the instructions say to attach to the care tags of washable clothing (not the clothing itself) -- but the most of tags aren't big enough! Have you washed any of your items where you put it directly on the fabric? Is it holding up ok?

    1. Took me a while to get back to you - mostly because I let our laundry get out of control on a regular basis!! Ha. Anyway, the mountain of laundry has been conquered and I am having pretty good luck with these labels staying put directly on the fabric through washing and drying. Mine are the tiniest size and seem to fit on most tags, but I've noticed many clothing companies have stopped doing tags and print on the fabric now. Have you had good results? Thanks for your question!! xo


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