Spring break, baby!

Next week is spring break and we are headed to Oregon! I am so ready for a change of scenery, but my allergies are already giving me grief up here in Spokane, so I'm popping some Zyrtec tonight in preparation for Oregon, officially the worst place in the US for allergies. Ugh. Do you have allergies? Are they getting bad where you live? That feeling of being a zombie after taking allergy medication is bad, but not as bad as lying awake all night itching, am I right?

J has planned a few hikes for us to do, including Eagle Creek in the Gorge. Also, we're going to Enchanted Forest on Sunday! It will be Theo's first time. I have my fingers crossed that Coco is big enough to go on the log ride, and I can't wait to watch the two of them walk through all of the fairy tales together. It's going to be the cutest.

It's always a little sad every time we go back to Oregon, though. It has changed so much and so rapidly since we moved to Zurich in 2010. When I think of Oregon, I think of mellow days, greenness and moss everywhere, rain, good people with open hearts who are concerned with the greater good. It's a lot flashier and fancier than it ever used to be. In some ways, I love it. Hello, excellent theater, restaurants, shopping and galleries! In other ways, it just feels like an extension of California. Hello, impossible rents, traffic and frenetic pace. Sigh.

Here's a bit of what caught my eye this week:

Case in point.

Visual guide to which muscle you're stretching.

Washington summer bucket list.

Foods before they're harvested. Beautiful!

Lemony deliciousness.

What's really missing?

This funny gal is just brilliant. (The bit about the cat food!)

I got this amazing stuff for J for his birthday. So good!

And, heaven in a bottle.

Finally, National Geographic is showing some respect!

Happy April Fools' Day! See you back here Monday. xo


  1. I'm so jealous you got to go to Enchanted Forest. I grew up in Portland and went there as a kid, and then later we lived in Eugene while my husband did grad school. Every time we'd make the drive up to Portland to see family I'd see Enchanted Forest from the freeway and bug my husband about taking me, but we never got around to it and now we live in Tennessee!

    1. It's the goofiest, cutest place! Next visit, you have got to go. The Water Show made Coco smile bigger than I've ever seen her smile before. :)


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