Have a happy weekend!

Are you going into the weekend feeling good? With a clean house and healthy, happy kids, I am feeling just great. This evening, I'm looking forward to a hot yoga class that is set to music. Fitness has been one of my goals since the new year, but it's been really sporadic despite my efforts. Do you find it hard to be consistent with fitness amid all the other responsibilities in life? How do you squeeze it in?

It just seems like there was so much amazing stuff on the Internet this week! Here's a bit of what caught my eye.

I love the story of this expat-repat family and how they made their happiness work back home.

Coco and J have the sweetest bond.

One of the most delicious things you'll ever eat, straight from Brazil.

So outrageously cute!

Perhaps the weirdest thing I've ever seen. HA!

Old school cleaning tips.

I am in love with this gorgeous house.

Clever sandwich-free lunch ideas.

I laughed so hard reading this in bed that I almost woke up Theo.

Time to have Coco start carrying her own!

My most sincere thank you for all of your comments, Tweets, shares and emails on this post! I am continually inspired by all of your wonderful knowledge and beautiful insights. Thank you for reading - and responding!

I hope your weekend is joyful and restful. More and more, I find that staying present and practicing an attitude of gratitude make all the difference in feeling happy. What are you feeling grateful for today? What beautiful moment will you take notice of this weekend? I hope it's a good one! And see you back here Monday. xo

(Photo of Coco playing at the Chinagarten Spielplatz. Dwell home spread via Apartment Therapy)


  1. I'm pretty sure I need to eat those Brazilian cheese puffs ASAP. In terms of exercise strategies, I recently switched from evening workouts to morning workouts. I *never* thought I'd be able to make the switch and used to think morning exercisers were crazy but this pregnancy has me feeling all kinds of tired after I'm done at work. I make the goal to get to morning class 3-4x during the work week plus one weekend workout. The first few classes were tough but once your body clock shifts, it is much more manageable.

    1. Okay, Flannery, I am going to take your word for it and try the early morning workout. I've always been afraid much in the manner you described...thanks for giving me the push! And brava to you for working out early *while pregnant* and working! You are a rockstar! xo

  2. ha ha on the xoxo article...it's good to know that i am "scary good" at something in this world! bahahaha ;)


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