Have a magical weekend!

Oh, you guys. We saw a highly coveted campsite open up, so we left everything behind and went camping this week. It was pure magic. The kids were so happy, the scenery so beautiful. My cup is full and I am just bubbling over with happiness. It was just what we all needed. Yesterday, I went to yoga. Today it is raining a beautiful summer rain and tonight, after more yoga, I'm getting together with my sister Juliet for gin & tonics.

I have some really amazing posts coming up for you next week including another installment in the Expat Mamas Series, photos of our blissful camping trip, and a post all about shamanic healing. Have you tried it? It's incredible.

The internet has been full of madness lately, but here are some uplifting and positive links for you:

I am so obsessed with this exquisite song. I could honestly listen to its glittery beauty for all of eternity.

This little darling actually looks a lot like my little darling. (#10?!)

Savory forever!

Hours of fun.

How to stop regretting bad decisions. (So good:)

Where is your phone at night?

Why Young Women Are Turning to Shamans to Fix Themselves

How do you live in a small space with big kids?

Loving these for Theo.

I put lipstick on a pig.

WANT. :)

Make this weekend magical! See you back here Monday. xo