Happy 725th Birthday, Switzerland!

Today is the Swiss National Day. Man, do we ever miss it. In honor of Switzerland's 725th birthday, I thought I would share a few items from our Swiss Bucket List with you. We always planned on doing these things someday, but somehow never managed to get to it all while we were there. Sigh.

First up is the Seealpsee. When I saw the photo above on Instagram the other day, I immediately sent a screen shot to Joel with the caption, "We need to go here." And he immediately wrote back and said "It's famous. That's the lake on the label of the bier I used to drink." HA! That made me laugh out loud. In my mind, I instantly saw the beer label!

On the same hike, you pass by the Seealpsee and the Äscher Hotel, which is built right into the side of a cliff overlooking a gorgeous valley. Isn't it breathtaking? That hike and those views are definitely number one on the bucket list for me.

Next is the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces hike. This walk goes up and down along the wine terraces that grace the northern shores of Lake Geneva. With views of the lake and Alps, it is quintessential Switzerland.

The Bernina Express Railway is equally beautiful in summer or in winter. The train cars have special panoramic windows that allow incredible views. It's absolutely magical to relax and take in the views as you glide along the slick Swiss rails.

Then there is the Aareschlucht, or Aare Gorge, hike with its pristine milky glacial waters. The trail is built into the rock on platforms that hang over the water in some sections. It looks ridiculously wonderful.

The Five Lakes hike is one that we actually attempted, but had to abandon due to lack of visibility. We got up there and couldn't see more than 15 feet in front of our toes. It was a no go. So sad, because on a clear day, it's really magical!

Finally, we always wanted to visit the Verzascatal, or Valle Verzasca, in Ticino, the Italian speaking region of Switzerland. The water is ultra clear, green and sparkling and there is an impressive tall dam upriver. Scuba divers love to take amazing underwater photos here. It's absolutely gorgeous.

If you're ever visiting Switzerland, My Switzerland, curated and run by Switzerland Tourism, is the absolute best resource in existence for discovering and planning every and any type of excursion, from food to hiking and skiing, to boats and trains. My Switzerland was on our bookmarks bar the entire time we lived there - and still is! ;) Happy Birthday, dear Switzerland! xo


  1. Things I am not too keen on about our current apartment:
    - Accelerating motorcycle engines coming out of nowhere from the busy road one block over.
    - Teenagers using the public bench under my toddler's bedroom window for post-bat chats at 3am.
    - The extra 2 millimeters of space missing between the closet door and balcony door of our bedroom, ensuring that neither door will open if you have anything larger than a twin bed.
    - The evening judo matches between the 6 and 8 year old boys in the apartment above.

    Thing that makes all this worth it:
    - Unfettered view of the Lavaux vineyards, down to Lac Leman and over to the French side of the Alps.

    But I often forget to look after being here for 3 years. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Oh, this makes me so happy. Neighbors are a problem wherever you go. I could tell you some stories... I'm glad this helped you to remember to focus on your view. xoxoxo

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