Have a relaxing weekend.

So I just spent an hour going through our iPhoto library to see how many of those monthly photos I managed to take of Theo with his little blue bear during his first year. I've always thought that's really cute how people do that and you can see how the baby changes each month compared to the size of the bear. The photo above is one from his seven month shoot. Don't you just love how sturdy and solid he looks sitting there? I didn't do this with Coco, but I'm pretty proud to say that except for June and July, when we were moving, I captured every month for Theo. That's pretty remarkable considering what a nightmare that year was.

It's crazy to look back at photos from even from a year ago and see how much Coco and Theo have changed. All that stuff people tell you about enjoying it because it goes by so quickly. Ack! So true. It's killing me.

Theo had his first tantrum today. It's official; he's no longer a baby. Sniff! Be still, my mama heart. If you're interested, let me know and I'll share the rest of his monthly photos with you next week.

And, here's a bit of what has caught my eye lately:

These Julia Child quotes will make you smile.

Stockholm Travelogue. So good! Must go ASAP.

This video kind of made me want to cry! So beautiful.

Thinking of moving to Portland?

Ordering this spice blend so I can make this dinner soon.

Zurich for breakfast.

The act of birth. Loved this.

Classic sneakers for fall.

Dream hair.

Incredible townhouse renovation. That fireplace!

I hope your weekend is tip-top! See you back here Monday. xo


  1. Re: Moving to Portland -- well, geez. Scratch that idea. Seriously, we just came back from visiting friends in Seattle (Brazilians whom we met in Zurich, actually, who lived in Zurich for 6 yrs then moved to Seattle a year ago) and fell in love with the PNW. I hate that moving there is a trendy thing to do. oh well.

    That hair is seriously it! I just got my hair cut that length and it looked a bit like that when I left the salon. Can't seem to recreate it myself. Boo.

    Both those CH and Zuri videos made my heart ache. Sometimes I wish my husband and I just taught high school or something so we'd have summers off to go camping in Switzerland for 2 months.

    Love that way of thinking about birth. For me I can't say that afterward I was like "I did it!" or "wow, go me!" Mostly I just felt incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to experience that biological process and to know what it feels like to literally feel my baby move down the birth canal.


    1. Seattle real estate is OUT OF CONTROL! Well, so is Portland's. Man, the NW is going through a moment. It's crazy. Spokane is seeing a huge influx of people. I think in ten years, it's going to be like Portland 15 years ago, when Portland was so cool and down to earth and amazing. ;)

      Did they use a barrel curling iron on your hair or a wand or a straightener? So curious!
      And totally hear you on the videos and birth reflections. :) xoxoxo

    2. Have you checked out San Diego real estate? It is seriously bonkers, so almost anywhere (except CA Bay Area) is an improvement for us. I noticed that in Seattle proper, yeah prices are out of control, but the suburbs seemed more reasonable. Not so in SD. ANYWHERE in SD county costs an arm and a leg. We rent an outdated 2/1 duplex for $1415 a month which is a STEAL. Down the road a 3/2 1100 sq ft home is on the market for $615,000. Nuts!!!

      They use a straightener. I have a good straightener that I use to recreate the look. I get pretty close, but never anything like the salon ;)

  2. You should definitely share Theo's monthly photos! I love those collages! We also did this with my son, Henry, and tried continuing quarterly after his 1-year mark, but that definitely didn't happen :)

    1. Awesome! I will share them and thanks for keeping it real. ;) xx


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