Have a brilliant weekend.

The pools have been drained, Coco started school, and this morning we woke up to rain. Goodbye, summer. It was wonderful. It was quick. And it was the only thing standing between us and J's last year of his program, which is now underway. Hooray! As much as I love summer, I can't regret that we are this much closer to our next chapter. Bring on fall!

So, here's a bit of what caught my eye around the web this week and a few things I wanted to share with you:

Delicious for a cool rainy day.

Theo's favorite birthday present of all.

The threat we all hope is a promise!

The grim reality of housing in Portland.

...and Brooklyn. (Ha;)

Get it done.

In a world of pure imagination.

Living (very) small in Paris.

Eyeing this darling top for Coco.

Muslim women speak out following the Burkini bans.

Best new mom post ever!

The place for Swisssick Americans.

Exactly what makes that song so catchy.


Have a wonderful weekend! It's Labor Day here in the States, so Monday is a day off of work for most people, but I'll see you back here Tuesday. xo


  1. Your link to that adorable Boden top just spurred an online shopping spree for my little girl while I am sitting here on the couch home sick from work. Including that top even though she's only 9 months old...she'll fit in it eventually. OMG they have the cutest little kid stuff! I kind of want to add a dress for me, too, before I hit submit. :-)

    I really love your blog, by the way. I have similar tastes/mindset and enjoy hearing your perspective from living in Europe.

    1. Oh yes, yes, yes! I love Mini Boden, and I also love buying things ahead. It's so fun to get it out later and put it on them. Shopping for a little girl is the best. Enjoy!!! It's not so bad with a little boy, but much more challenging as there is about a third of the clothes to begin with and half of those have sports motifs and footballs on them (not my jam!)

      Thank you for your kind comments about the blog, Tori! That makes my day. xoxoxo

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