Four Fab Finds

I'm so ready for spring I could scream! But the snow just keeps on falling, so I've been searching for ways to combat the cabin fever. Here are four fab finds I just had to share with you.

Random Beauty Creams
My friend Jordan is a beauty stylist and always has the greatest tips. Last week, I was remarking that I always get creams I don't want or need as free gifts or deluxe samples and I don't know what to do with them. They're high quality creams, like Estée Lauder Resilience Lift, that actually lift and firm. So when I said that Jordan asked me with a smile, "Where do we all want lifting and firming? Our breasts and derriere! Don't get rid of those creams. Use them - just not on your face!" Seriously, how brilliant is that?

Geometric Manicure
I'm determined to stop biting my nails and do a cool geometric manicure (I also LOVE these). So last week I buffed and shined my poor, ragged nails with a nail buffer and then painted them with Butter London Horse Power nail strengthening base coat. As soon as they're long enough to square off and file, I'm going to paint them like these amazing blue and pink nails. Don't they look fabulous? Getting ready for a manicure is the only way I can make myself quit biting. Really. The only way.

Gorgeous Illustration
I'm really loving Kate Pugsley's Instagram. Her illustrations are simple yet dynamic and so bold in color and form. They're really uplifting and fun to happen upon while scrolling through my feed.

Beachy Wave Curls
Finally, here's a great tip for getting those beachy wave curls that are so pretty and fun. I always thought that I needed a wand instead of a usual clip curling iron to do this. Then a friend mentioned that her wand broke, so now she just uses her old curling iron like it's a wand and it works just fine! Ha. I went home and used my ultra-cheap Conair curling iron just as you would a wand and I've felt so polished and fresh the last two days. The curls last forever with Drybar Money Maker hairspray and may have even looked better the second day! Unlike their dry shampoo, Drybar's hairsprays are completely worth the price tag. I love their Money Maker because it's a flexible hold that moves naturally, but stops the curls from falling out. It also smells fantastic.

What are you loving this week? Please share!

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  1. Girrrrl, I am a nail biter too. It's the worst. It is so bad that my bad habit rubbed of on Hunter. He had been biting his nails for months up until recently when we used scare tactics to tell him his fingers were going to start bleeding and he would need to go to the hospital. Anyway, it's worked and his nails are long enough for a trim with the clippers! I am so proud of him. It's so cute, whenever he gets the urge, instead of biting them, he just tells me, "Mommy, I really want to bite my nails!" As for me, I definitely need a manicure...

    1. I love that you're able to help him not bite! I'm convinced it is hereditary. My mom has never bitten a nail in her life, but both my brother andI are terrible nail biters - and lip nibblers and inner cheek biters. YUCK! ;) My grandma (dad's mom) was a terrible biter. I remember her buying me a manicure set so I'd stop. <3 So sweet of her!!! I hope the geo nails will motivate you to quit - at least for a bit. ;) xx


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