Have a great weekend!

I saw this gorgeous photo on Instagram Monday and it made me so darn happy. Can you believe that spring is here?! I feel like I was just exclaiming how excited I was that March had finally arrived and then we got more snow. Then all the snow melted and now it's nearly April. Time just keeps on flying. It is truly crazy.

Tomorrow Coco, J and I are going skiing together. The weather looks perfect! And Monday is J's birthday. I'm so excited for a date night and Coco and I are making him a Pavlova. Of course Theo will help, too. And here's a bit of what caught my eye around the web this week:

This recipe looks delicious!

I've got this at the top of my wish list.

Coffee shops that will welcome your laptop in Paris. (Not easy to find!)

Cling to this tiny habit.

The bit on the US is particularly spot on.

French Toast 101.

Oooh, want.

The world's most hipster neighborhoods.



Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you back here Monday! xo


  1. Glad you liked the photo! At least we can have spring in pictures ;)

  2. Love your little lists :) Desperately wishing that the choc pour video continued for a solid ten minutes!


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