How often do you shower?

I have to admit that I really hate showering. It just seems like such a massive time suck between getting in there and doing the actual showering and then blow drying and styling hair. Plus, I have such dry skin that then I'm itchy for the rest of the day. Showering is pretty much the worst.

Luckily, I've come up with some clever tricks to skip showering whenever possible. In fact, I only shower twice a week! Sometimes three times, but usually two. Is that gross? My co-workers, friends and family assure me that I never smell bad and I pretty much think it's the best. So how do I do it? Lots of product, of course. ;)

Bobbi Brown Bath perfume smells impossibly fresh and clean. I spray it all over. I do a spritz on my wrists and pat together, spray another on my décolletage, another on my clothes and yet another on my hair. It's light enough to really put on all over, but strong enough to create an aura of freshly scrubbed clean! Brilliant.

Dry shampoo is a complete life saver for hair. I have tried many dry shampoos, from Drybar to Suave to Klorane to Batiste. Drybar smells amazing, but is overpriced. Klorane works well, especially in the non-aerosol, but is also pricey and has no smell. Suave is priced just right and smells nice, but it makes my hair a bit too stiff. Batiste is kind of the best all around. It's a great price point, smells nice, doesn't clump at the roots and hair remains flexible and smooth.

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant is amazing for the non-showerer. If I don't shower one day, I just go ahead and put on some deodorant like normal and you'd never know I didn't shower. This deodorant doesn't build up and has the most wonderful smell that's almost manly and sultry. I am completely obsessed!

AmLactin body lotion (or Antidry in Switzerland) is hardly an exciting thing, unless you have itchy dry skin that is borderline excema and makes you miserable all winter long! This stuff is cheap and incredible. It keeps my skin smooth and calm because it has lactic acid in it. I had tried oils and creams and nothing worked. Then a dermatologist tipped me off to lactic acid and I've never gone back. This stuff truly is a lifesaver.

Those are my secrets to showering less. Obviously, I still change my underwear, wash my face, brush my teeth and all that! ;) But, really, skipping the shower on days when I just don't feel like it, or I'm completely rushed has been the best! How often do you shower?

PS - Same Clothes, Two Days in a Row

(Photo of Maria Callas showering with her dog via Pinterest)


  1. I hear you. I wash my hair 2-3x/week but still shower most days. I used to wash my hair every time I showered so I would dread it. Now that I've removed that from the equation, I enjoy a quick rinse much more. I work out regularly and my 5mo son is a spit up master so showering feels like a nice reset button for me. I have really dry skin in winter too-- especially my elbows and arms. So after the shower, I alternate between basic Johnson & Johnson baby lotion and pricier One Love Organics body oil. It smells great and I apply it to my still moist skin for a non-greasy luxurious skin. :)

  2. I also only shower three times a week - maybe four if the kids are off school and I don't have to rush anywhere in the morning ;) Dry shampoo and throwing my hair up in a top knot are a great help, plus I've recently started using Tubby Todd Mama Freshening Spray all over.

  3. I hear you on showering. I dread the process, but actually once I am in, I am glad I made the effort. I like really hot water and it just feels so good. Helps me wake up. I shower about 5 times a week, and the days I skip it is only because I was too lazy or had to get up early for something and just never got around to it later in the day. I only wash my hair 2X/week, so my showers are pretty short most days!


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