San Francisco Road Trip

We are so excited to be driving down to San Francisco in a few weeks for spring break. My friend Kate has a brand new baby boy whom we can't wait to meet and squeeze. And J's roommate from college, the one who basically introduced us, lives there and it's been way too long since we've shot some pool with that guy. Hooray for a road trip and a change of scenery! We really need it.

Oh, and we are taking the kids, too. We're staying in my friend Sally's apartment in Berkeley while they're vacationing in Denmark, which should be perfect as there will be toys and (hopefully) nothing too dear or breakable within children's reach.

What suggestions do you have for us? We already booked tickets to Alcatraz and a day trip to Muir Woods is a must. But other than that, we are looking for kid-friendly, fun activities that will allow us to see the city without overwhelming them, or completely boring ourselves. What should we do? Where should we eat? What should we skip? I can't wait to hear what you recommend and why. Thanks so much!

PS - Tips & Tricks for Road Trips with KidsSan Francisco with baby Theo, and European Road Trip xo

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  1. We went last Spring without the kids, it was heavenly! I can't speak on what to do with kids in tow but I am jealous!! Enjoy. Magical city.

    1. Part of me wants to leave the kids with the grandparents...

  2. You're going to have a ball! Just in case you haven't been to Muir woods before...a warning, the drive is a little windy/curvey and could result in a little car sickness. Nothing to be over concerned about but just a heads up! If you're looking for a day trip to a beautiful beach - I would suggest Limantour Beach. I will drive about an hour and hike 10 minutes in. It's so peaceful and I'm sure you're kids would love it.

  3. Oh man I'm from Berkeley so I have a million thoughts. In terms of SF - kid friendly activities include the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park (and the whole park in general is great, I recommend checking out the Japanese Tea Garden also), if you luck out with a pretty day Chrissy Field or Ocean Beach (usually foggy and windy, I'd try Chrissy Field first) for kite-flying and bike riding are solid spots to be outdoors in SF. Yerba Buena Gardens closer to downtown and the MoMa is also a great place for kids to run around. Depending on where you are staying in Berkeley there are some ah-may-zing places to eat including my personal favorites: Cheeseboard Pizza, Gordo's, Bette's on 4th street or La Farine for their morning buns and patisseries and baguettes from Acme (closest resemblance to French baguettes I've eaten stateside). Tilden Park is also wonderful for kids in Berkeley - there are trains to ride, animals to visit, low-key hikes to take, great picnic spots, etc.

    In terms of Muir woods, try to go on an off day as it can get very crowded quickly. While you're that way, I recommend Stinson Beach or Point Reyes if you're up for a bit longer drive. The Bay Area is such a special place, enjoy!!

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  6. Recently took a road trip to San Francisco and it was incredible! The iconic Golden Gate Bridge, the vibrant city vibes, and the delicious food made it an unforgettable adventure. Highly recommend exploring this beautiful city on four wheels

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