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May 3, 2017

Today I had a really great day. It's funny, I couldn't even tell you why it was great really. I was tired AF from Theo keeping me up again, and he was still very cranky and demanding and made his trademark screeching sound a lot. That makes me want to scream. And yet, I had a great day. Go figure.

So, seeing as it was a great day, this seems like a fine time to rant about a few pet peeves I have. I wonder if we have the same pet peeves? Read on to find out.

#1 - Converse shoelaces.
Have you ever wondered why Converse shoelaces suck so bad? I have. So many times. They're impossibly slippery and never stay tied. I remember, as a child, thirty years ago, my mom double-knotting my Cons the way I double-knot my kids' now. Why, in thirty plus years have they not done something about this?! On their own website, they show the shoes untied. Preview of what's to come.

#2 - When people say, "It is what it is."
Argh. This one is so irritating. In the Bay Area, you're guaranteed to hear someone say this at least once an hour. It is almost always accompanied with a sigh of resignation or shoulder shrug, as if to say "it's hopeless" or "it's beyond anyone's control," rather than "it is what it is." Saying that something is what it is seems to give it a great amount of gravity. However that is not how this particular phrase is typically used. We don't go around quipping, "to be or not to be" because it carries weight. It has gravitas. But "it is what it is" just gets tossed around like nothing. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it. (Shrug) It is what it is! ;)

#3 - Overhead lighting.
Damn if I can't stand overhead light. It's glaring and harsh and over illuminates everything and creates horrible shadows that feel straight out of some David Lynch film nightmare. Our apartment in Zurich didn't have any overhead lights. Not a single one. Instead, each plug had one socket out of three that was connected to the light switch on the wall. It was amazing. Click the switch (they were buttons, not flippers like we have in North America) and all of the connected lights came on at once. Our current house has tons of overhead lights. One in every room. I refuse to use them and went to great lengths to place lamps near every door. But J loves the overhead lights when he's looking for something, or just whenever really. I've threatened to take the lightbulbs out. Cringe!

Tell me your pet peeves in the comments below. Do you share any in common with me?

(Photo via UO Orange County/Instagram)

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  1. Travelling around Mexico, we had to take a 9 hour bus ride. It was a long old trip, and a big dude sat nearby had "es lo que es" tattooed on his arm! It was so funny and perfect for the situation.

    1. OMG, that is too perfect. I fully approve. Sounds way better in Spanish, too. ;) xx

  2. I hate "it is what it is" too. Also putting away the dishes in the drying rack. No idea why but it always seems so onerous a task that I'd rather create a precarious tower with new wet dishes instead.

    1. YES. I hate putting those dishes away. But once they've been sprayed and gotten a bit wet, I feel like I have to rewash them all. NEUROTIC! :)

  3. Speaking of dishes, my pet peeve is when my husband re-arranges the dishes after I've loaded the washer. If he's re-arranging it to fit something else at the last moment, that's fine, but he will go and move things around even though there is nothing left to add. He'll just take perfectly fine dishes out and shuffle them all around. He gets irritated to think of the plates not being completely segregated into different areas by diameter, even though it's the most space-efficient way to load the washer and preserve the other areas for something more unique like a serving bowl. I don't really care how the dishes go in the washer, like if he's loading it then he can do it however he wants even if it's not how I do it, but it drives me crazy to think that of all the things we need to get done each day, he is spending time RE-DOING something I've already done that doesn't need to be redone. Periodically I go on strike and just refuse to put anything in the dishwasher, claiming that I would rather just do another chore and not waste the time having both of us do the same one every night. That drives us both crazy because he doesn't get home until late and by then there's a ton of dishes just waiting in the sink, which irritates me all day long and also is crappy for him to come home to. A truce settles and he agrees to chill out on the OCD plate re-arranging in the dishwasher. But it never lasts long. He just can't stop.

    Another pet peeve is random once-incorrect, now-colloquial uses of nouns as verbs. Probably the most common is "gift." It's even worse in the passive voice. "We were gifted an Apple TV by my mother" AHHHHHH NO. "My mother gave us an Apple TV." Less justifiably, I hate the use of "impact" as a verb ie when used in place of, say, "affect," but I know there is a long history of that usage at least. It just always makes me think of the medical use, which is...never pleasant. "This will impact the economy" etc. I cringe every time and I can't stop myself!

    Apple juice. I have no idea why. No other juices bother me, even juices I don't enjoy the taste of, but apple juice always seems somehow especially sticky, and especially sickly-sweet-smelling, and in kid/parenting circles it's just everywhere all the time. (No judgment about that here - my kid loves his apple juice too, haha.)

    Now I feel completely neurotic. Oh well!

    1. OMG. I'm guilty of rearranging the dishwasher after J has loaded it! Eeek. ;)

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