Have a safe weekend.

Those of you in the path of hurricane Irma, or recovering from Harvey, or choking on smoke in the West this weekend, I am thinking of you! The weather is truly bonkers and climate change is definitely making our lives more difficult. I've been pondering what I can do personally on a daily basis to effect positive change in the other direction because it makes me so sad that Coco and Theo haven't been able to have outdoor recess since they started school. :( So stay safe out there, everyone! Be prepared, follow directions and stay smart.

This weekend I am starting a new job which I'll be telling you more about next week. And J and I are getting all prepped and excited for our move into our new house next weekend. If you're not following me already on Instagram, please do! I'm putting lots of little bits and bobs in my stories as we go along. Even though Instagram has gotten so big and overblown, I still love it. It really is an artist's platform. 

And here are some links for your weekend: 

Yum! Order a kit for the delicious meal pictured above. 

The most incredible (genuine!) eclipse photo of all. Further info here.

I'm loving this eyeshadow palette

A snapshot of rising inequality.


Harvey and Irma, a sweet Spokane claim to fame.

I hope you all stay safe and enjoy your weekend to the greatest extent possible. See you back here Monday! xo

(Photo via Martha Stewart/Instagram)


  1. I'm so glad you're back! I want to thank you for your post some time ago on talking through the steps of doing something new. My son started preschool yesterday and I spent three days telling in excruciating detail what the drop off would be like. We even had him decide what toy he wanted to play with first and I would end the talk-through each time by saying that he would find that toy and then say goodbye and I would leave. He was very apprehensive and anxious but once the time came, he walked through all the steps discussed (saying hello to the teacher, hanging up his backpack, etc), found the toy, and said, "bye!" without any prompting at all. It was such a shock as I was worried he'd be crying and clinging etc, which has happened in other class settings. Thank you for pointing out how helpful it can be to calmly and clearly talk through things like this!

    1. I am so glad that helped! Drop off can be so scary when it's all new and unexpected. Good job prepping him so well that it was that easy! Don't be surprised if once it becomes an everyday thing, there is some resistance. Be patient and it will pass. Did you have the new baby? xo

    2. I did! Thank you for remembering! He is a tough one, very colicky and annoyed that he's a baby, but we are nearing the point where he becomes more of a person and less of a scream grenade so life is on the upswing!

  2. Hi Lindsey,
    I just found your blog yesterday and have spent hours trawling its archives. I've never come across a blogger who addresses repatriation like you do, and the words are really resonating. I moved from Canada to the UK over 7 years ago, and while it's always been my and my (English) husband's plan to move back to Canada to buy a house and raise a family, we're finding it very, very hard to make the leap. The pressure's on now, because the baby clock is really ticking, but we find ourselves more torn than ever.
    My mom moved to Germany from Canada when she was 19. She met my dad, stayed 8 years. Then they moved to Canada. She's always told me that it was absolutely the right call for us - the kids - but for herself, she regrets it. Not helping matters, after I tell her what we've been up to in London lately, she always responds, "Man, you are really going to hate Canada when you come back." It's so hard.
    I didn't know "repatriation" is a term. But reading your blog, God - do I ever feel its truth! I don't know what we're going to choose, or when, but in the meantime, your words make me feel like we're not alone. THANK YOU.

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