Hello, September!

I'm back! And we're cruising into my favorite month of the year today. Next week, I will have a summer recap for you, including our trip to Oregon to see the eclipse, our magical camping trip to Priest Lake, my sister's gorgeous wedding, Theo's birthday, and more. But first, I'm sure you're been wondering where we are and what on earth we've been doing. So I will tell you this: We had some pretty grand plans to leave Spokane and go overseas again at the end of July, but it appears that the universe intends for us to stay right here for now. We dealt with some bureaucratic hiccups, news of which unfortunately came after we'd already given up our sweet house and we spent a lot of the summer in upheaval, waiting and wondering while we house sat with all of our things in storage, keeping everything on hold. It was a long wait. But when the news finally came that we would not be going abroad again due to pesky changes in regulations and rules, it was a let down, sure, but honestly it was a relief not to be waiting anymore. Then, as if by magic, all of the pieces fell into place quite instantaneously and we are set for the year ahead - and if we choose, beyond. In the space of ten days, J got a fabulous job offer (and accepted!), we found the most beautiful house in our top choice neighborhood, and Coco got a spot in the kindergarten at that hard-to-get-into-even-if-you're-in-the-neighborhood/boundaries school! Theo started Montessori yesterday and I'm delighted to have some good work options coming through, too. It really is the Spokane life I'd always envisioned. So I'm excited to see how we like it.

A huge thank you and big hug to everyone who reached out over email, Instagram and Facebook to check in. Your messages really meant the world to me, even if I didn't have a chance to respond amid the stress. I'm always going to be a triangle. I don't think I'll ever stop missing Zurich or longing to be an expat again. But I am so grateful to be in the fabulous position we're in for the year ahead. I think for the very first time, I am willing and ready to just see where life takes me. Onward!

And, of course, some links for your weekend:

So easy! Can't wait to fix an old favorite.

Positively dazzled by this kitchen refresh.

Wise, wise, wise words.

We struggled all summer long to restrict screens. So worth it.

Thought-provoking piece on SF real estate and rents.

Such a cool photo.

In case you're having one last summer grill party this weekend.

My friend Zach's book is going to be hilarious!

No more mummy tummy in just ten minutes per day!

Ordering this lunch bag for Theo. Or maybe this one! Help, which one?!

And, last but not least, ways to send help to the victims of horrifying Harvey.

I hope your long weekend is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! See you back here Tuesday. xo


  1. Life is a box full of surprises. So happy you are back. I'm grateful for your blog and hard work! THANK YOU!

    1. Oh, thank you, Ani! So happy you like the blog. :) xx

  2. I'm so glad you're back to blogging Lindsey! Looking forward to seeing where life takes you :)

  3. Hey Lindsey, I checked almost every week over the summer and I'm so glad to see you back again. Happy to hear that you and your family are in a good place right now. Isn't it strange how you can sort of worry about someone you don't actually know in this day and age? Anyhow, all the best to you and your loved ones, I'm excited to hear more about your summer, your new house, kindergarten etc. Best wishes from Germany!

    1. Thank you so much, Meike! That is the greatest compliment. I agree that the internet age is something special. Thank you again for reading and checking in. xo

  4. So happy to hear (to read?) your lovely voice again! So sorry that your plans fell through, but I'm hopeful your new situation will be happy and fulfilling anyway :)

    (also...the article on screen time? horrifying!)

    1. Thank you, Jessica! So far we're feeling pretty content. It feels good. xo

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