Have a fabulous weekend.

This weekend is a long weekend and I'm looking forward to doing a bit of organizing, clearing out and relaxing. We are also finally having Coco's birthday party on Sunday. More about that later...I'm also very excited to attend this event for my talented brother-in-law, Tod. It should be fun to get out for an evening, listen to some poetry, and a enjoy a libation or two afterward. Yes! 

I hope your weekend is fabulous! And here are a few links for you:

Coco's favorite song. She loves belting this one out in the car, or in the playroom, or the living room. Basically anywhere! I can't even tell you how cute it is. :)

My childhood classmate is going to space. No joke. 

Some (very welcome) toilet training wisdom

This French album never gets old.

The difference between wanting and being.

My new all-time favorite lipstick. (I got the raspberry:)

An inspired Helsinki home.

I was incandescent with envy.

Make that decision!

Spokane is making it onto some fancy lists...!

I hope your weekend is 100%! And I'll see you back here Monday. Thanks for reading, and please, please, please tell your friends about Swiss Lark if you like what you've been finding here. It would absolutely make my day! So much love to you, my dears. xoxoxo

(Photo via tentree/Instagram)


  1. I think the toilet training wisdom post makes more sense for cloth diapered children than those in disposables. But I also practiced part time EC with both my kids and that gives me a different perspective on babies inclinations and abilities. I think readiness does not mean asking for a potty or otherwise initiating it all on their own. But I also think conventional toilet training time misses the sensitive periods for introducing a potty (Ie. I started with EC at under 2 months for my small people but sometime in the range 12-18 months is often mentioned in the Montessori world.

  2. I want to have this space as my own.



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