Photos of Cats and Dogs Dressed Like People

January 23, 2018

Boom! File this under Bizarre treasure only the internet could give us. Today, in lieu of our regularly scheduled programming, I present you with these century old photos of cats and dogs dressed up as people.

I sat down multiple times yesterday and today to write a Montessori post I had come up with about nudging the child at times when following actually doesn't work, and might even do more harm than good. (What message do we send when we follow a child's reticence? "You can't," or "You're not capable?" Problematic!) But I couldn't make that post come together because for the first time in my blogging career, I felt very strongly that as a mother I was wading into not-my-story-to-tell territory. So after trying two days in a row, I decided to scrap it.

But back to the cat and dog photos. Are they weird or completely fabulous? I'm kind of in love with them and yet find them entirely deranged. You decide. I just can’t.

Regularly scheduled programming shall resume tomorrow! The rest of the bizarre treasure only the internet could give us pics can be seen right here. You're in for a treat because there are fifteen of them. I find "Weighing the Baby" is particularly good. 

(Photos via The Atlantic)

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  1. I hope you will approach that topic from another angle because id love to hear your perspective. I see toilet learning as one area that it has become mainstream to follow the child in a way that is not respectful of what is actually developmentally appropriate (Ie. Leaving it way too late).

    1. It was a toilet training post, Allison! ;) I will definitely try to re-work or re-phrase. So funny you mentioned the very thing.

  2. Ha. I used to have a book called "The Four Little Kittens" when I was a kid. All the illustrations were these antique photographs. I loved it.

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