The Best Netflix Show

J and I just finished watching the most exceptional series on Netflix. It's a French show called La Mante. The basic premise is murders by a serial killer - happening for a second time, 25 years later.

I'll admit that initially I was in it for a few very silly reasons. Number one: Le Français. La Mante is a French production, so you'll need to turn on your subtitles. It was so nice to listen to French again! It is absolute music to my ears. Never mind if I still need the subtitles. Reason two: The clothes. I'm sorry, but those Frenchies really know how to dress men. French men's style is much different from American men's fashion. It's so chic and form fitting and way sexier! Finally: The sights and sounds of Europe. I'm completely obsessed with the sound of European police and ambulance sirens. Hearing one always takes me back to that very first jet-lagged day in Paris when I studied abroad in Angers in 2002. Oh, to think of it now. That time. That place. The decision to go to France and study abroad was such a good move. It hugely informed who I am today. But I digress.

Suffice it to say that I found La Mante a bit slow, if not très prévisible at first. However, I was soon completely sucked in and hooked on the compelling narrative. Sure, there is plenty of blood and gore in La Mante, but it is made tolerable by the tension and intrigue from the interpersonal relationships. La Mante goes in-depth examining the emotional forces that lie behind all of our desires and motivation. By the end, I was absolutely floored, as I'm sure you will be.

Have you seen La Mante? (No spoilers, please! Email me if you must.) And any shows you recommend? Also, are you counting down to the Homeland premiere, too?! I actually cannot wait.

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  1. Lindsay have you seen the original The Bridge?? It is amazing! We are counting down to the new series here. Eurotastic.

    And I regularly watch Commissario Montalbano just to hear some Italian.

    1. Okay, must watch The Bridge. How do I watch it? And which is the original (and not original?!) Thank you so much for the tip, Lucy. And can I just say how much I love the word Eurotastic. Squeeeee! :) Thank you for that, too! xoxoxoxo


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