Summer Camp

May 14, 2018

Did you go to summer camp as a kid? My favorite childhood memories from the long, hot, Pacific Northwest summers of my childhood are of camping, going to lake cabins and most of all summer camp. 

I didn't think Coco would be able to go to camp for another two years, but Camp Reed, aka the best summer camp in the world, has new mini camps that are just three days and two nights for campers entering first and second grade this fall. J and I didn't hesitate one moment to sign Coco up!

When I first told Coco she would be going to Camp Reed, she thought it was a camp for reading! I explained that it was r-e-e-d, not read - a long tall plant that grows near a pond, but she didn't understand. Thankfully, Camp Reed hosted an open house last weekend so she could go see it for herself.

I'm convinced there is no sweeter camp in the world. Camp Reed is on a beautiful private lake north of Spokane, with archery and canoes and swimming and horseback riding, and all of the traditional things you would expect from a classic American summer camp. I'm so happy to have our kids go here. Even if we do end up moving abroad again some day, I will make it a priority to have Coco and Theo be campers at Camp Reed every possible summer. My niece is actually going to be a Junior Counselor this summer and I was a camper at Camp Reed. It's a family tradition!

Coco was super impressed with the bunkhouses and didn't hesitate to climb up and check it all out. Saturday night, as I was tucking her in back at home, she told me she might be a little afraid of the bunks because they don't have guard rails. "Do you think I might find a new friend who is also a little afraid?" she asked holding her hands up to her mouth in a worried fashion. "Oh, definitely!" I said, and she sighed a big sigh of relief and with a huge smile on her face said, "Oh, good. I can't wait to go to camp! I wish I could go back right now." Hooray!

We will have to make sure to send her a care package and postcards the week before so she can have the fun experience of picking up her mail at the camp post office. I feel so lucky that we have this beautiful, memory-making summer camp that looks straight out of The Parent Trap just a 40 minute drive from our house. More on Camp Reed later this summer!

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  1. I love this! Camp Reed looks absolutely adorable.

    My heart still lives at my special secret rock on the lake at my all-girls summer camp in the Berkshires. Actually, when I ended up having all sons, one of the greatest senses of loss I experienced was the realization that I would not get to send a daughter to my beloved camp - my sons will have to settle for the brother camp across the lake (which is OBVIOUSLY vastly inferior, ahem).

    My older son will be 4 this summer and is attending camp for the first time. Just a day camp, just half-days, but I'm still excited and such a nervous wreck over it! It's at his school - we love his school so much that I'm happy to just continue there throughout the summer - his school is on a nature preserve and they are outside at least half the day regardless of weather, that kind of thing. So I know that the summer camp will be great in that "classic camp" kind of way. Plus I like that the places and people will be familiar to him. I'm reconciling myself to the reality that this summer marks my entry into the world of "five days of school a week" - this school year he attended three days a week so we still had two weekdays free to do other things. The camp, and his class next year, are five days, and then after that is kindergarten (what!!!) and it's kind of bittersweet to think that the era of doing all our day trips - museums, play places, etc - on weekdays, when things are less crowded, are coming to a close.

    I signed up for a week off from camp every month of summer - I just felt like that was a nice mix. Still a bit of time left for lazy weekday trips!

    1. Your childhood camp sounds amazing, and I know just what you mean about the five days a week. Your plan to have weeks off is just the thing! ;) Your comment about the brother camp being vastly inferior also made me laugh! It reminded me of the Parks and Recreation episode when Leslie starts the Goddess camp. Priceless! Enjoy your summer, Alexandra. It sounds like you have a good one coming up. xo

  2. Loved reading this! I'm going to look for camps in Georgia

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! You can search for camps on the American Camp Association webpage: That is, assuming you're in Georgia the state and not the country. ;) xo

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