News I wish I hadn't heard today: Kate Spade is dead

I have always had a special place in my heart for Kate Spade. Her bags, as the New York Times said, "carried women into adulthood" and that was the case for me. Looking back on my college to adult life, Kate Spade was there for every big event. The first time I was pick-pocketed, it was a Kate Spade wallet they got. Ugh. The second time too! When J and I got married, we registered for Kate Spade china and vases, and this little dot rose bowl is still one of my favorite things ever. I had light green spray roses and eucalyptus in it on my nightstand just a couple weeks ago.

I love how Kate Spade items always say something surprising. Like on the box for the place setting of china, as you open the lid, inside the flap it says, "she sets the table with poise and purpose," and the inside of my Kate Spade phone case says, "LIVE COLORFULLY" which I tend to aim to do each and every day.

When I started my Montessori course, I got a Kate Spade pencil pouch which I still have and use and love. When I finished my first term teaching, I bought a Kate Spade purse. Huge milestone! When I got pregnant with Coco, the first thing I bought once the first trimester was over was a Kate Spade diaper bag.

I'm starting to realize that I have an embarrassing amount of Kate Spade stuff! Sunglasses, agenda, calendar, thank-you notes, phone cases. I have it all. And I love it all.

But it's not just the stuff that was so great about Kate Spade. Her style was iconic, yes, but she was also an inspiring person. Kate Spade's was probably the best episode ever of the podcast How I Built This. Her voice is so fun to listen to! She seems to be one of those people who just sailed along in life - without a care! The wind and waves just took her where she belonged and while she worked for it, it was also just her destiny. Her humble bravado (if that can be a thing) is so intoxicating!

How obviously untrue that assumption was. How horribly sad and unfair that she felt so alone in this world that she hanged herself today. What a sad, sad thing for her, for her family, for her young daughter. It ruined my day to hear it. Kate Spade has always and forever been one of my icons. I have no more words.

(Photo from Kate Spade h/t Oh Happy Day)


  1. I agree with all of this. I never yet "got around" to investing in a Kate Spade bag - it was always somehow on the horizon, for the next milestone (currently, my mantra to myself has been: I will buy a nice Kate Spade bag once I'm not carting a backpack full of diapers around anymore) but the anticipation of finally getting that first bag has been so delicious and somehow so dear to me. When I heard the tragic news, I felt almost in shock, and it has stuck with me for two days now. It really says a lot about how she defined adulthood for so many women, that even someone like me who doesn't own a Kate Spade bag or wallet or anything feels somehow personally affected by this tragic loss.

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