Have a brilliant weekend

I hope everyone in the US had a lovely 4th of July holiday. Ours was very sweet with a neighborhood 4th of July parade, dinner at my sister's house, fireworks and lots of arguing over current affairs and politics in America. That only felt right and luckily everyone is still talking!

I've been so incredibly busy with starting grad school and finally getting to the household projects that never got one iota of attention after we moved into this house and the school year swept us away. If I'm perfectly honest, this summer hasn't even felt like a break yet! I thought it would be a stretch of unscheduled, open time to read books, focus on the blog and start in on my long-simmering podcast idea, but so far that has not been the case. 

I'm taking the bull by the horns now - because unless we make things happen, they don't, right? And I was genuinely excited to be contacted by two brands I really respect and admire for collaborations and I am looking forward to sharing what they're all about with you. ;) So, coming up, I'll be posting about being married to J for ten years (!), the bliss that is summer in Spokane, our new stance on camping with kids, my favorite summer beauty finds, the best kids' summer shoes and much, much more! 

I hope you have an amazing weekend filled with all of the things and people you love the most.

And here are a few links for you:

Beautiful radishes.

Not what you'd normally expect from an essay based around Burning Man. Beautiful and raw.

Should I be embarrassed to admit that I must have this palette? Those pinks!

Quintessential Zurich styling and luxury. (Look at the bill;)

"...a record low for the second consecutive year." Very interesting.

I've heard great things about this book.

Literally swooning over these American vacation photos.

20 telltale signs you have gone native in Switzerland. (#18!)

I love the idea of doing this 5 Minute Happier Workout as part of my morning routine.

Cute sweatshirt. (On sale!)

I hope you have a brilliant weekend! See you back here Monday.

(Photo via Pinterest)


  1. I love these posts!
    I had to laugh about the price of that bill.....but that bar is SO Zurich....
    I'd say I'm a Coop person but I don't miss 'washing day' (will definitely be buying our own washing machine when we go back!). Interestingly my partner had no idea what the Sound of Music even was! haha!!

    PS: I've just read a book called "But you are in France, Madame" which, is about a family's expat life in France....I loved it! :)

  2. Haha! I was a Migros person but definitely stopped at Coop for different things, especially if I was trying to earn something like a free wine decanter with those little stickers. I would so listen to your podcast. You have a great voice!


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