Summer Beauty Favorites

Have you updated your beauty routine for summer? This year I've been running around to swim lessons and gymnastics, spending afternoons at the pool, as well as going back to school. So I wanted to keep my look polished, but quick and easy for summer. I set out to find a simple and fresh new daily routine and along the way discovered a few new favorites I would love to share with you.

Body Blur by Vita Liberata is an amazing alternative to self-tanner. It's a tinted lotion with a hint of shimmer in it. For best results, I put it on after I've shaved my legs (which don't seem to tan anymore?!) and also after I've put on some baby lotion. It's best to put it on immediately after the baby lotion (before it has completely sunk in) as this helps the Body Blur go on evenly with no streaks. It looks so natural and finally my legs have some natural glowing color!

I'm a huge fan of Living Proof. Coco, J and I all use their Perfect Hair Day shampoo and it has kept our hair so soft and healthy this summer despite our swimming in chlorine nearly every day. My other favorite is their Blowout spray. It keeps my hair smooth and ends intact by providing heat protection up to 450 degrees.

Spokane summers are insanely dry, but I want to be able to wear my bright lipsticks and have plump, supple lips during the day. So every night before bed, I put on this Lanolips "101 Ointment" Multipurpose Superbalm. It's made with lanolin, known for its conditioning and healing properties by breastfeeding mamas everywhere. And you can also use it on your cuticles, cuts and scrapes, and even your nasal passages! One tube lasts forever it seems.

I am all about the "five minute face" during the summer. Two things I'm loving right now are Laura Mercier Matte Caviar Sticks in Fog and Blossom to get a fresh and easy look, and Mac Extra Dimension Blush in Wrapped Candy for a flushed summery glow. The caviar sticks are easy to apply and smudge with your fingers and the Mac blush is so shimmery and magical, it's almost like a blush and highlighter in one!

What are your go-to summer beauty products? Do you keep your routine simple in the summer? Would you opt for just mascara and blush, or do you like a full-face year round? Chime in in the comments below!


  1. I really liked these summer beauty favorites. Thanks a lot for sharing the post.

  2. I am in awe that you can pull off a polished look in the summer. I can barely stand to wear moisturizer with sunscreen once the temperature goes above a certain point. (I can say the same thing about wearing a bra!) One thing I do manage to do is homemade yogurt masks. I mix together a tablespoon of plain yogurt, a teaspoon of raw honey, and several drops of tea tree oil. I put on my just washed face and leave it on for a few min. Then I wipe it off with warm water using a washcloth, dry my face and moisturize. My skin feels so good during and afterwards. Also, it has been amazing at managing zits.

  3. I do keep things really simple, and I have to say, it’s easy here because Spokane is so dry. If there were any humidify involved at all, I would be out of the makeup game as well! ;) I will try the mask. Sounds refreshing! xx


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