The Best Kids' Summer Shoes

August 2, 2018

This year we discovered the best ever children's summer shoe thanks to the Nordstrom Children's Department. Everywhere we go, people stop me to ask where we got Coco and Theo's shoes and I can't help but gush that they're amazing, so easy for little kids to put on without help, and that they stay remarkably clean through all of their climbing, scootering and exploring. 

They're Native Shoes - find Theo's here and Coco's here - and I could not possibly love them more. Initially I balked at the $35 price tag ($29.90 for Coco's through this Sunday on the Anniversary Sale!) because it seemed like a lot for what is essentially a plastic shoe. But once Coco and Theo tried them on, I saw that they're actually quite well made and provide arch support with a stable sole. We took a chance on them and they have proven to be comfortable for everything from biking to running.

With a little sock underneath, I think these shoes might be useful right up until mid-October here in Spokane, and I imagine in a warmer place you could wear them year-round. I'm so happy we discovered them because I was so tired of saying, "put your shoes on!" a thousand times and then just winding up doing it for Theo. Ugh. At least that one thing has been a little easier this summer! :)

I'm always looking for high quality practical pieces for my kiddos and loved Salt Water Sandals when Coco and Theo were toddlers, but the big kid version hurts Coco's feet, so we moved away from those after a brand new pair wound up back in the box after only being worn four times! Sigh. Plus, with the buckles, I always wound up putting them on and taking them off. So far I have not discovered one negative thing about Native shoes. (And yes, the glitter totally stays put!) 

Have you tried Native Shoes icon for your children? What are your go-to summer kids' shoes? 

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  1. I’ve gotten Natives for my two kids for the last several years and we absolutely love them! No negatives here. They’re perfect for splashing in water and when we are at the beach. I used to wash them with soap and water until I realized that a Magic Eraser keeps them in perfect condition! The white always stays white! It’s also worth mentioning that while the glow in the dark sole of some styles is super fun, the white part yellows and tends to always look dirty. I won’t buy that style again but will stick with the pure white.

    1. Oh, Allison! You have filled my heart with joy and made my day with your magic eraser tip. Now that we have these shoes, I’m noticing they literally everyone else had them too. So I’m puzzled as to who these people are who stop me daily. Maybe it’s because Theo’s are yellow and stand out? He chose the “lellow” ones himself. ;) At any rate, I LOVE them and I’m happy to know how to keep the whites white. Thank you!!!! xoxoxo

    2. *that literally everyone else has them

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