Theo's 4th Birthday Party

My sweet little Theo Bear turned four last week and we had the best-ever construction site birthday party for him at the splash pad at Manito Park. As a parent, I am so grateful for the tradition of birthday parties because each year feels monumental and significant. It's at welcome a reminder of all we have to be proud of as parents! And now brace yourselves for a photo dump...loads of photos straight ahead.

Because the splash pad is located in a huge open park, as we suspected, all of the parents stayed. We got pizzas for everyone and then, to make it more tolerable, we had a Bota Box of Rosé alongside all of the juice boxes in the cooler.  That was a huge success and made for happy parents and kids!

We had Theo's party from 4-6, and one mom of a baby was very grateful that it was nap-time friendly. Win! First the kids all splashed around in the water, then everyone ate pizza and it was so cute to see the kids all together laughing and having fun.

All of the adults chatted while the children ran around and played. It was so great to have two play structures, the splash pad as well as lots of open green space for the kids to roam freely. They didn't get bored for one second!

Then it was time for singing and cake! Theo was thrilled

It was so windy that lighting the candles was more or less impossible. But we finally got them going and sang "Happy Birthday" to the over-the-moon excited birthday boy.

Theo was quite literally in love with his construction site cake. I was really impressed with how well it turned out myself. The best part is that now he has the little toys to play with in the sandbox and he remarks that they're from his construction site cake from his birthday at the splash pad! If you live in Spokane, you cannot go wrong with the cake department at Super 1. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

After that, we cleaned up and took all the presents for opening at home. By the time it was all over, Theo seemed a bit overwhelmed. And it was hard for Coco to see Theo be the birthday boy and the center of attention. She has been asking how many days until her own birthday ever since!

Theo got all sorts of big boy toys and his mind was simply blown by this dinosaur. He and Coco both slept like logs after so much splash pad and Beamo fun. And Theo took the dinosaur to bed with him even though it's all hard plastic and pointy and not the least bit snuggly! Once they were asleep, I went in and moved the dinosaur to his bedside table and kissed their sweet little heads. This time of life, with little kids who are a bit more independent, capable and reasonable is pretty darn sweet after all. Thank you for reading and indulging me in sharing allllll the photos. :)


  1. I couldn't help but laugh at the look on your Coco's face in the second last photo! haha! Gosh, I remember that feeling.

    Looks like a raging success! Happy birthday to Theo :)


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