Have a lovely holiday weekend

My god, do I have a story for you. Thursday was the first day of school and it could not have been worse. Nothing went as planned and just when I thought we had hit rock bottom, the day bottomed out more and I actually had to cancel all of my plans for the day. It was so bad. Don't be fooled by all the smiling photos on Instagram. They never tell the full story and I'm 100% certain that other mamas who had a day like mine did not share. But I'll share the full tale (with pictures!) next week. In the meantime, I'm going to assume that Lisa Congdon was speaking to motherhood in making this illustration above. Am I right? ;)

And here are a few links for your weekend: 

Get your own snazzy Tools of the Trade print here. So cute!

And speaking of motherhood, stop being so stern. "...our overresponse gives our child’s undesirable behavior power." 

It's that time of year again! Time to clean the house from top to bottom and then make it smell like heaven with this gorgeous torte. Have you made it?! 

This is great! A non-spill cup for adults. Perfect for the gym or yoga because you don't have to take off the lid to have a drink. (Turns out you didn't know you needed this;)

Everyone's favorite bon vivant.

How irresistibly cute are these kids' joggers? (And on sale:)

80% of Europeans favor this change - or lack thereof!

My all-time favorite skin care product. Total game changer!

Hooray for Beto! And my favorite Texan, my friend Morgan, has some pretty awesome Beto merchandise for sale - all proceeds go to his campaign. 

The perfect hostess gift

I hope your weekend is fun, relaxing and productive. I'll see you back here next week! 


  1. I really love these posts Lindsey! It's like a lucky tip of interesting things.

    Interesting that you call those pants joggers. In Australia we call running shoes either joggers or runners! Those pants would be called track suit pants.

    Looking forward to reading all about your eventful first day of school. If only everything was as pleasant as Instagram and Facebook would lead us to believe ;D

    1. I honestly didn't know what to call the pants, so I just went with what they were called by the shop! LOL. ;) My first instinct would be to call them sweats. But they're just so much cuter and fancier than a pair of sweats. It didn't seem right somehow!

      Great to hear that you like the link lists! Eventually I would love to have a newsletter go out, but for now, this is the best way to share what's been catching my eye and that I think others might find fun, too.

      I ended up getting sick with a stomach bug and fever this week, so the first day of school post is coming - albeit a little late! But it will only make more sense, trust me! ;) Thanks for taking the time to comment, Rhiannon. I always find your comments insightful and fun to read. xoxo

    2. Oh my! Correction - the shop didn't call them joggers. They called them jogger PANTS. How's that for further confusion?! ;) xx

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    1. I normally delete and mark spam comments as such, but I really love this one. I shake?! Well, that sounds good. And I'm so glad I held your use immaculate to the plain end. That is just great. ;) xx

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