Have a lovely weekend

Do you have much going on this weekend? We're planning some walks, and naps (J was sick this week), and the kids and I are going to Coeur d'Alene on Sunday for a lunch- and play-date with my friend Kat and her boys, who are basically the same ages as Coco and Theo. Kat also happens to be a third-generation Tarot reader with a new set of cards she needs to break in. Lucky me, I get to help! It should be awesome. She is so talented!

And, here are some links for you:

I'm painting my nails with this classic tonight. It's not really fall until it's on my nails. :)

Except, that it's really fall. Which you know if you've been following my Instagram. (Or live somewhere where it's fall;)

Kinda true. ;)

SO true. :(

A smarter look at America's divide. Excellent!

Mellow enough for everyday, but that still gives that glam pop!

My work bestie and I are syncing gel manicures next week so that we can gab the whole time. I'm going to have them do this!

This really makes life easier, and I'm into that. Plus, awesome. And $40 off for you!

Can't wait to hear the rest of this new album. LOVE!

Just when you thought Swiss trains couldn't get any better.

And, a small favor to ask - if you enjoy something you read here on Swiss Lark, please share on Facebook, or Twitter, or wherever you go to read good stuff. I would appreciate it so much! I hope your weekend is simply lovely and see you back here Monday.


  1. Thank you for the introduction to Manatee Commune!

    1. You're welcome! Such great music and if you ever have the chance to see a live show, it is a performance you will not forget! So much fun. :)

  2. hi! i love your boots in the photo. can you share the brand? thanks.

    1. Of course! They're the Birkenstock Bennington boot and probably my favorite shoes of all time: http://shopstyle.it/l/T0ZX :) xo

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