Have a lovely holiday weekend

Raise your hand if you have baby fever. I saw this pic on Instagram last week and I just about died. How sweet is that sleeping babe? Oh, it makes my heart swoon.

We are looking forward to two long weekends in a row! This weekend in Veterans' Day here in the States, and next weekend is Thanksgiving. The weather has gotten very cold, very fast and I need to wash our down coats and get out all the hats and mittens, pronto! Soon we'll be skiing and it's crazy to think that 2018 is starting to wind down already. Where has the time gone?!

I have no idea, but I do have some links for you:

Are you not using a popsocket?! Game changer.

I have had this song on repeat and I don't ever want to stop!

Read this and feel good. :)

Check out these cool bars if you're in Zurich.

On nail biting.

One perk to winter and being pale is that I can wear Gaiety again!

Haruki Murakami on the state of the world.

Only in Ireland.

Only in Switzerland!


I hope your weekend is absolutely wonderful in every way and I'll get back at you next week!

(Photo via Cecilia/Instagram)


  1. That story about nail biting was so amusing! I like all the points the author made, but I read a story on Cup of Jo how she chipped a tooth because of her nail biting habit! It scared me silly. I can't afford a new tooth. Unfortunately, I can't quite seem to completely quit either.

  2. I love this! “I can’t afford a new tooth.” Haha! Same. But I’ve been a nail biter my whole life. The writer captured the cycle of not biting, painting, biting, repeat so well. And the historical bent! Amusing is the word. :)

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