Have a brilliant weekend!

I have this gorgeous photo of Zurich as the wallpaper on my monitors at work. My two favorite parts about it are the archway in the pink building, lower right, that I've walked through so many times. And the little tiny dock on the river in front of the large salmon colored building on the opposite bank, more or less in the center of the photo. The other day, my friend Kate posted a photo in her stories taken from that dock, showing the church towers from which this photo was taken. It made me laugh to think that I was up in the church tower waving down to her since I’ve grown so accustomed to looking at this view every day. ;) Lately I've been missing Zurich terribly. I'm enjoying Spokane and springtime and lilacs (and the lack of hayfever!) but I still miss Zurich. I really did leave my heart there.

Do you have any big plans this weekend? An outdoor pizza party we were invited to has been rescheduled due to the insane rainstorm that came through yesterday. I have never seen rain like that in the Northwest! It was on the same level as rains that caused flash flooding the summer I was in Maryland finishing up my Masters before I moved to Switzerland the first time. So, in the absence of a pizza party, I think we're going to clean all day tomorrow and make Pavlova and do a movie night!

I hope you have a brilliant weekend, and here are some links for you.

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A comical look at the flooding down the hill from our house. Ha!! (I love it when I see the Spokane Boat Car;)

The perfect rainy weekend recipe.

I tried this exfoliating treatment mask last night and loved it! More in my Insta stories.

Such sad news for the climbing world, and Spokane.

Although houseplants grow and require care, they are neither as demanding nor as costly as pets or children.

Motherhood. (Read her original caption - link might transport you to the middle of the comments:)


I kinda think we might need to do this...


See you back here next week!