Have an incredible weekend!

I’m baaaack (again!) and thank you for coming back, too. Life this school year has been completely insane. But, reprieve is near. With our local school district making huge, devastating cuts, J and I were both impacted. It’s going to mean a lot less money for us next year, but it also is going to mean a hell of a lot more time and you know what? I honestly, truly, 100% am so grateful for these upcoming changes. I’ve always been a person who says she values time over money, and it turns out I wasn’t blowing smoke! So, here’s to more time, more blogging, more podcasting. Yes! I’m so ready. (I wrote more about it here if you want to see.) 

And here are some links for you and your weekend:

I bought these Birkenstocks (above) on Amazon and then freaked out when a friend shared this blog with me for spotting fakes! Nordstrom or Birkenstock direct from now on. Thankfully, mine are real!

Have you seen this coffee chart? I’m a 4C. When Starbucks drive-thru gives me 4B, I get so mad. I really do. But I’m super nice if I ask them to remake it. I swear.

Horrifying! I’ve spent the last 20 years trying to block these from my memory. ;)

This video cracked me up!

How delicious!

LOL. Also, not funny at all. 

Can you drive a stick shift? (I learned on one!)

My new favorite face cleanser. It smells amazing.

I hope your weekend is amazing and filled with delights. See you back here next week! 

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  1. Funny, I was just telling my partner I wanted those gold shoes and I've never owned a car that wasn't a manual haha!

    You might like the Australian skin care line called 'Go-To'. I read that they have just launched in Sephora in America. I love pretty much everything. Especially 'properly clean' and 'face hero'. They all smell amazing and have the cutest product design.

    1. I am with you on the manual cars. We REALLY wanted our current car (VW Tiguan) with a sunroof, but it doesn't come with a sunroof in the US in a manual. So it is the first automatic I've ever owned, and with kids in the backseat, it's pretty nice to have an automatic, I must say. But I would rather have a manual. So much more fun to drive and it does keep you engaged and present, too.

      I just checked out Go-To and I can't wait to try the products you recommended, Rhiannon! I love that they're certified Sephora Clean as well. It's all about the smell for face wash for me; the main reason I love the Tula one is the fresh, natural scent. I hope Properly Clean will get rid of all makeup left after my makeup remover as sometimes the Tula leaves me with faint raccoon eyes! Thank you for the recommendation. :)


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