Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Have you been to the Beaches at Normandy? As an American studying in France, that was one of the most memorable day trips we took during my semester abroad. The beaches are startlingly beautiful, and quiet, with memorials and old Nazi bunkers still standing. It was profound and sobering to stand there and think of the horrors of WWII. So much respect and gratitude to those, and all, in the armed services. I can't believe it's already Memorial Day Weekend. For those of you not in the US, this is a day of remembrance for service members who have passed away. My dad served in the US Navy during Vietnam, so we always go out to visit his grave on Memorial Day.

Aside from that, I am going to get a new podcast episode up Sunday, go for a pedicure, have a Mama-Coco afternoon, and get out this book and get started ahead of summer vacation! And, here are some interesting, fun and charming links for your weekend.

Warning: You'll never quite be the same after watching this music video.

Coco is old enough for my favorite childhood road trip staple! :)

How to find a lost cat. (Very cool!)

I just ordered this oil sunscreen and I can't wait for it to arrive! One reviewer says it's better than body lotion during the summer. Yassss.

Did you already listen?!

Prescribing play. (And boredom, in case you missed it)

Theo's favorite board game as of late.

Infinite cuteness.

So intense, imaginative and colorful. I'm swooning!

Maybe this will end the sunscreen battle with Coco? ;)

I hope your weekend is lovely and filled with remembrance of those you're missing, particularly former service members. See you back here next week!

(Photo of Omaha Beach, Normandy via Mark Wesley)


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