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February 28, 2020

Hello again, my lovelies. Being home with my sick girl Coco has been such a tonic to my soul. Through focusing on her, snuggling her, caring for her, and just being with her, I totally detached from the rest of my life. I didn't realize how much I needed that. Detaching is amazing in that it clears away all the noise and nonsense and, ironically, I really feel more deeply connected to the pieces of myself from which I had been feeling so lost and detached!

I thought that Coco would be ready to go back to school today, but as it turned out, she started complaining of an earache right as the doctor's office was closing yesterday afternoon and then I had to make the call to either take her to urgent care, or not. In the end, she was pretty calm while waiting for me as I was on hold with the nurse line, so I hung up, dosed her with a bit more ibuprofen (she's grown to a new dose since the last time she had to take it!) and got her to bed. J slept in Theo's bed last night and both the kids were in with me. It was a bit mad, I'll admit, but we all made it through and I'm keeping Coco home again today for good measure. We have family bingo tonight, so fingers crossed she'll be well enough to go eat dinner, play a few rounds of bingo and then come straight home for bed.

What are you up to this weekend? I hope it's just what you want it to be! And here are some links for you:

Can you get over this gorgeous photo of Luzern (above) from this honeymoon blog post?

I bought a New Moon course from Chani Nicholas and it's just as awesome as her magical book.

Coco and I are making slime today and it's just as outrageous as all the vloggers make it out to be on YouTube.

13 Unexpected Leap Year Facts (and leap year babies reading?)

The most binge-worthy podcast I've listened to in a while.

People (including me!) are obsessed with these gorgeous face oils

Oh no! :( And this.

I just ordered a cursive book for Coco and a printing book for Theo.

And, finally, please support Olga's beautiful, heartbreaking, personal project

See you back here soon!

(Photo via Molly Yeh)

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  1. I wonder why we women have bought into the lie that we cannot prioritize having kids first and remain relevant (and even marketable?) later. I am starting to think its really the whiff of bullshit leftover from the (positive but still nuanced) progress of feminism. I wanted to stay home with my kids (and was lucky enough to do so) and now I am starting my career (at age 36). I just don't think the plot line that a career or a life has to be linear holds weight anymore (and maybe it never did). Do what you want to do. Work hard. Color outside the lines. There are (happily) less if not any rules anymore. But I just drank a beer too quickly on Day 3 of my new life, so maybe I'm out of touch.

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